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2nd Children's Folklore Festival "Give, Grandma, light"
2nd Children's Folklore Festival "Give, Grandma, light"

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2nd Children's Folklore Festival "Give, Grandma, light"
1 April 2010 - Meshtitsa village, Pernik

Eligibility to 14 have children godini. Te will be divided into two categories: 1. Category - Groups • With traditional folklore for children (whose repertoire includes - Children's folk games, folk people; zabavalki called, broilki, proverbs and riddles;) • Children's Folk Games • Folk Graovo people or region from which the participant • Customs, rites and rituals related to children 2. Individual artists: • verbal folklore - storytellers of Bulgarian folk tales, legends, gonetki • Folk Songs Graovo and the region from which the participant All candidates complete an application on the proposed model and sends it to the address within no later than 15/04/2010, the The timetable for reporting is determined by the organizers. References for hours on your appearance can make those e-mail or phone after April 25, 2010 The organizers reserve the right to photograph, film and recorded performances of the participants without payment rights and compensation. - All participants should be dressed in costumes. - Music is their desire to provide them. - The cost of travel and accommodation are borne by the participants. - Organizers ensure an breakfast in the contest. Regulation: • Mixed groups of children presented traditional folklore - zabavalki called, broilki, proverbs and riddles, children's folk games, folk people with time to 15 min • Children's folk games lasting 10 minutes • Folk Graovo or people from the region of participants for the duration to 10 min • customs, rites and rituals related to children with a duration of 10 min • Individual artists • verbal folklore - the narrator is present in folktales, legends and gonetki 3 to 5 minutes • Contractors part of folk songs with two performances with a total duration of 5 min. Konkursniya repertoire is optional, as one of the performances must be from Graovo. Additional information: 0889 314598 Jordanova 0884 352801 Georgieva 0885 733105 Stoilova and the competition website: http://daibabooganche.webnode.com Send Query: dai_babo_ogan4e@mail.bg

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Жана Йорданова

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20 April 2010, Жана Йорданова comment in Bulgarian

ІІ Детски фолклорен фестивал"Дай, бабо, огънче"-с. Мещица;общ. Перник ще се прведе на 01.05.2010
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