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Folklore Spectacle
Folklore Spectacle

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Folklore Spectacle
29 January 2009 - Sofia, National Palace of Culture, Hall 1

Enjoy the vivid dances, songs, wonderful costumes and enthusiasm of the young guardians of folklore traditions!

More than 400 performers of folklore songs and dances will please the admirers of Bulgarian traditions with the spectacle entitled “Called Bulgarian”, which will be held in hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture on 4 February from 7:30 pm.

The venue will gather on one stage the students from the national folklore schools – the Filip Koutev National Dance Art School in the town of Kotel, National School of Folklore Arts in Shiroka laka, Panayot Pipkov National School of Arts in Pleven, Lyubomir Pipkov National School of Music in Sofia.

The event will be held under the patronage of the Minister of Culture Stefan Danailov and will be organized by President’s club ‘Bulgaria’.

Sponsorship comes from Bella Bulgaria, Sofia Grand hotel, BFB and Rotary Club Sofia – Vitosha, and the media partnership of BNT and BTA.

Director of the grand spectacle is Stefan Mushatov, choreographer Hristo Ivanov and scenographer George Petrov.

English translation: Vera Genova

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