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Self-learner’s Kit for Bulgarian Horos and Rachenitsa
Self-learner’s Kit for Bulgarian Horos and Rachenitsa

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Self-learner’s Kit for Bulgarian Horos and Rachenitsa
26 November 2008 - Bulgaria

From 26 November 2008 till Christmas Bulgarian newspapers Trud and 24 Hours will offer the collection “Self-learner’s Kit for Bulgarian Horos and Rachenitsa”

The kit consists of 5 DVDs for self-learners and CDs of the dance music of 25 of the most popular horos and rachenitsa from Misiya, Thrace, The Rhodopes, Pirin, Dobrudzha and Shope regions.

Choreographers from the Philip Koutev ensemble show the steps of 5 dances accompanied by Philip Koutev’s band in each DVD. The steps are shown gradually and are repeated slowly so as to make it easier for all beginners. The video then shows each dance performed by members of the ensemble and a short note for the respective ethnographical region.

To take out a subscription to the entire collection, a form should be submitted at www.trud.bg and www.24chasa.bg. 

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Boris Dimitrov

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