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Balkan Festival of Academic Youth

The city of Varna was the kind host of the First Balkan Folk Student Festival from June 8th – 10th 2007.

The idea for the festival was born last year when the Students’ Councils of five universities from Varna decided to organize a local folk competition. This idea developed into creating a bigger festival which would give groups from all over the Balkans the chance to participate. The criteria was the wish of the local groups to participate and the only condition was that all those taking part were students of the universities their groups were going to represent.

12 Juin 2007 - Varna
Slavka Karakusheva
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Fire-dancing in Bulgaria

The Christian holiday of Sts. Constantine and Helen celebrated on May 21, incorporates a variety of folk rituals. In the Rhodope Mountains where sheep breeding was the prevalent means of livelihood in the past, herds were taken out to pastures on that day. In the farming regions of the Thracian Valley, rituals were held to protect crops from hails.

The holiday is particularly attractive the way it is celebrated in the Strandja Mountain, Southeastern Bulgaria, the center of fire dancing or Nestinari ritual.

6 Juin 2007 -
Balkanfolk Team
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“More Bulgarian than the Bulgarian”

On June 2 - the day of Hristo Botev and in memorial of all man who died for Bulgaria’s freedom, was the live show of the second edition of “More Bulgarian than the Bulgarian” with the participation of ensemble “Zornitsa” on television SKAT.

On the occasion of June 1 - Children’s Day and the forthcoming celebration “Rozober” (picking of the newly blossomed roses) guest of the show were the children form the village of Rozino. They recreated in extraordinary way the atmosphere of the picking of the roses with their dances, music and songs.


3 Juin 2007 - TV SKAT
Ivailo Parvanov
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Концерт на Танцов ансамбъл „Мартеница” от Будапеща в София

На 28 април 2007 (събота) от 18.00 ч. в Синдикалния дом на транспортните работници на бул. „Мария Луиза” 106, (зала Освобождение) ще изнесе концерт Фолклорният ансамбъл „Мартеница” от Будапеща - Унгария. Организатор на изявата е Танцов ансамбъл „Балкан” с ръководител Кирил Чирпанлиев при читалище "Цар Борис III" гр. София.

През октомври т. г. „Мартеница” ще отбележи официално 25 – годишнината от своето основаване. През изминалите години участниците в групата, сред които има и унгарци, са допринесли много за популяризирането на красотата на българския фолклор от всички етнографски области на България.

25 Avril 2007 - Синдикалния дом на транспортните работници, София
Milena Chirpanlieva
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Shiroka Luka Concert

The 35th Anniversary Concert of the National School for Folklore Art took place in Sofia on April 23rd, 2007. It was a marvellous occasion with the students presenting music, singing and dancing from various regions of Bulgaria.

24 Avril 2007 - NDK, Sofia, Bulgaria
Anna Travali
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First Festival “Horo se vie izviva”

The first edition of the “Horo se vie izviva” festival was held on April 22, 2007 in Triaditsa Sports Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the first meeting of Bulgarian horo clubs and it occurred thanks to the support of the cultural department at the Triaditsa district in Sofia and, it followed the idea of Eva Delinesheva, who is an executive secretary at “Dimitar Dinev” cultural house.

20 clubs and Bulgarian dances groups from all districts of the capital took part in the festival...

22 Avril 2007 - Sports Hall “Triaditsa”, Sofia, Bulgaria
Balkanfolk Team
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Bulgarian crafts artist in Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007, USA

Traditional Bulgarian crafts will be presented again at America’s largest international folklore festival, Silver Dollar City World-Fest 2007.

From April 2nd through May 6th 2007 four master craftsmen from Bulgaria will be demonstrating their craftsmanship before the people of the Mid-western United States.

World-Fest takes place in the theme park “Silver Dollar City”, in Branson, Missouri. This is a program that continues the preservation and demonstration of folklore arts through presentations to the people and it includes dance, music and crafts. Since 1999, master craftsmen from Bulgaria have been selected and presented at this prestigious forum by Mrs. Yanka Docheva, Managing Director of “World Music Events – Bulgaria” Ltd.

16 Mars 2007 - Branson, Missouri, USA
Balkanfolk Team
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National Multicultural Festival, Канбера 2007 - Австралия

Днес, 10.02.2007, за първи път Австралийско-българско дружество "Младост" представи България по време на Националния мултикултурен Фестивал, Канбера 2007.

По време на "Food and Dance Spectacular" дружеството представи свой щанд с вкусни сладкарски изделия приготвени от сръчните ръце на българките.

Фестивалът е с 12 годишна история и това е първия път в който българското дружество представя българската общност живееща в Канбера.

Всички, които посетиха щанда на дружеството имаха удоволствието да се насладят на българската кухня, да усетят аромата на българската роза и да се полюбуват на българската природа, традиции, история и култура събрани на ДВД предоставено от Агенцията по туризъм.

10 Février 2007 - Канбера, Австралия
Balkanfolk Team
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Народната певица Валя Балканска на 65 години

Българката, чийто глас лети в Космоса на американската совалка “Вояджър”, този месец изпълни 65 години.

Валя Балканска е родена през 1942 година в махала Лагът, недалече от село Арда в сърцето на южните Родопи. Двегодишна загубва баща си, загинал като участник във Втората световна война, но знае, че когато той пеел, планината се люлеела. Осемгодишна запява на сцената и днес репертоарът й съдържа около 300 песни.

29 Janvier 2007 - България
Balkanfolk Team
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XIIe Festival Mondial de Danses Folkloriques - Palma de Mallorca

À l'occasion du XIIe Festival Mondial de Danses Folkloriques, la ville de Palma de Mallorca s'apprête une fois de plus à accueillir des milliers d'amateurs de danse folklorique.

Cette prochaine édition du festival -qui se tiendra du 10 au 14 avril 2007- est également le XXe anniversaire du Festival. En effet, le festival fut organisé pour la première fois à Palma de Mallorca en 1987. Depuis, la ville de Palma réunit chaque année des groupes de danse venus des cinq continents.

12 Janvier 2007 - Palma de Mallorca, Espagne
Balkanfolk Team
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