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19 Sep 2011 - 31 Oct 2011
Люлин 2 - културен център Люлин

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Фолклорен ансамбъл \"Люлин\" - прием на деца 2011/2012 г.

През новата учебна година във фолклорен ансамбъл \"Люлин\" се приемат деца на възръст от 4 до 10 г. Репетициите се провеждат в културен център Люлин (бл.324/325, спирка Сан Марино-автобус 111 и тролейбус 7) сряда и петък от 17,45.
За контакт: 0888855986 - Д. Владимирова

1 Oct 2011
Salle de sport "Spartak", Pleven, Bulgarie

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"Mésie danse" - Festival national des clubs de danse folklorique

1er Festival national des clubs de danse folklorique "Mésie danse" aura lieu le 01.10.2011 (Samedi) dans le Hall des Sports "Spartak" Pleven. Le festival est sous le patronage du maire de Pleven.

Les organisateurs de Festival national des clubs de danse folklorique "Mésie danse" sont: Pleven municipalité, Club de danse "Bulgarsko horo" et de la culture centre "Hristo Botev" Pleven.

0882997925 - Maria Venkova

Balkanfolk Calendar
1 Oct 2011 - 7 Oct 2011
village of Smilyan, Smolyan Municipality

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Folk Radio MENCI launches its first Master Class "Touching the Source" with Verka Siderova – the singer of Dobrudja region

From 01 till 07 October 2011 the village of Smilyan, Smolyan Municipality will host the first Master Class for folk songs singing organized by Folk Radio MENCI and tutored by the famous Bulgarian folk singer Verka Siderova. During these seven days the participants will have the opportunity to touch the source of Dobrudja songs through the magical voice of the longtime soloist of the State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances “Filip Kutev”, Sofia. The singer has made a whirlwind career in the ensemble, “sculptured by Filip Kutev himself” as the singer says.
She has made the Bulgarian folk song well known in over 29 countries worldwide; was a winner of the grand prize for overall singing career "Nestinarka" at the International Folklore Festival in Burgas; was awarded the title "Honorary Citizen of Dobrich" for her outstanding contribution and dedication in promoting Dobrudja folk songs around the country and in the world. Throughout her career Verka Siderova has sung only songs from Dobrudja region, their number exceeding 200. In 2003 she released the album "Are you a tulip, are you a hyacinth" with the most famous folk songs from Dobrudja from the period 1960-2000.
On the first day of the training Verka Siderova will make her students meet the folklore of her homeland Dobrudja through music, songs and dances, costumes and embroideries, tools and crafts; and will disclose the importance of Dobrudja to Bulgaria both in the past and today. During the seven days the participants will study the texts and music of two Dobrudja songs - a fast and a slow one. On the last day of this pleasant training they will present a Gala concert with the songs they have learned, with the support of Verka Siderova herself and the participation of the amateur formation for folk dances at the Community Center “Assen Zlatarov", Smilyan.
For over a year now, Folk Radio MENCI has been making its playful steps on the web, bringing joy to Bulgarians all around the world through the Bulgarian folk song and filling their hearts with warmth. The radio strives to save, preserve and promote Bulgarian folklore in the country and abroad. Its team seeks authentic songs from all regions of the country. Their love for the melodic Bulgarian folk song helps new talents to be born as one of the goals of the broadcasting is to look for them in music schools throughout the country, to encourage their development and to support producing them. The organization of the Master Class "Touching the Source" is one of the steps towards finding, promoting and producing future folk talents. The ones, chosen as best performers, could get an offer for emissioning of an individual track, produced by Folk Radio MENCI.

Participation fee: 360 lv
Venue: “Smolena” Hotel, Smilyan village

Interested candidates can contact Folk Radio MENCI via e-mail - for applications for participation, questions or additional information:

Konstantin Lazarov
E-mail: radio_menci@abv.bg
Tel: + 359 876 739 041; + 359 892 239 609

Konstantin Lazarov
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