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6 Jui 2011
Theatre “Bulgarian Army”, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Traditional Annual Concert of Ensemble "Balkan"

Folk Dance Ensemble "Balkan" at community centre “Tsar Boris III" is happy to invites you to its traditional annual concert. It will be held at 19:00 on 06.06.2011 in the Theatre Bulgarian Army. Also featuring are the Gadularski Chamber Orchestra at NMS "L. Pipkov” and Cultural Center "Al . Konstantinov”, the ensemble’s children groups at community center “Tsar Boris III” and 60 OU “St. St Cyril and Methodius” and other guests.
Tickets can be bought from the theatre’s box office.
For more information and tickets: Desislava Ivanova - 0885446416, 0894707473

Ensemble Balkan

Ensemble Balkan

Boris Dimitrov
9 Jui 2011 - 12 Jui 2011
Budva, Montenegro

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International Children's Folklore Dance Festival Budva

Dear Sir / Madam

It is our great pleasure to invite you and your group to take part of the VIII International folk dance festival Budva-Montenegro” that will take place in Budva and Petrovac, from 09.06-12.06.2011.

Participating conditions:
 The festival takes place in Budva, over 2500 years old town on the Adriatic coast (more information will be provided in the section “accommodation”) and Petrovac, the other city on the coast, 20 km apart from Budva.

Folk groups are divided in two categories:children festival (dancers who are not older than16 years) and second for adults over 16. The number of participants is not limited.

The groups will be accommodated in Budva, located 100 metars from the coast, in the tourist settlement. The rooms in the hotel are with 2, 3 or 4 beds. For participating on the festival and full board accommodation participants pay amount of totally 69 €( full pansion), or 60 € (half pansion) per person. Application form has to be fulfill and sent till the 1st of march, with payment of one pansion or half pansion (23 or 20 euros) per person ,as a guarantee of arrival in hotel,and the other part of amount after the arrival in the hotel. Groups with 50 participants get 1 full board accommodations free of charge.
The groups should arrive in Budva on 09.06.2011 where they will be welcomed by a group leader and start their boarding with lunch(full pansion),or dinner for half pansion. They leave the hotel on 12.06.2011after breakfast.
The organizer has right to change the program for some reason, but have duty to inform the groups for any changes in due time.

Participants could extand their accommodation for more days on their account, but it is necessary to let us know.
Each group has to prepare program not less than 30 minutes. Recorded music on CD is allowed. Children

Festival will starts at 19:30 -21:00 every evening. If you accept our invitation under the above mentioned condition, please confirm your participation not later than 28th of february 2011 by e-mail (bu2folkloresho2@t-com.me) with sending application form, short history and 2 photos. Each group should pay 23 € deposit per person ,not later than 01st of march 2011 (additional information about account and depositing procedure will be send, after confirming your participation).

Kind regards

Boris Dimitrov
10 Jui 2011

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Ralitsa Iotova
11 Jui 2011
Palais National de la Culture - Sofia le 11 Juin 2011 à 19:00

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CONCERT DU JUBILE - 30 ANS Ensemble folklorique «Zornitsa», Sofia, Bulgarie

Le concert du 30e anniversaire de la "Zornitsa" Ensemble folklorique, Sofia, Bulgarie prend la 11ème place Juin 2011 à.

Le concert aura lieu au Palais National de la Culture - Sofia le 11 Juin 2011 à 19:00

Zornitsa ensemble folklorique a été fondé en 1981 par le directeur artistique et chorégraphe Emil Genov. À ce jour, il a consacré sa vie à l'ensemble qui se compose de jeunes qui sont intelligents, talentueux et dévoués aux danses folkloriques bulgares.

Le répertoire se compose de danses de toutes les régions ethnographiques de la Bulgarie et le professionnel orchestre «Zornitsa» accompagne les danseurs avec une maîtrise et d'amour.

L'ensemble a été partenaire de nombreux concerts et festivals en Bulgarie et à l'étranger et a remporté de nombreux prix.

Pour ce "must see" état ​​de cause, s'il vous plaît contacter Anna Travali de renseignements, réservations / billets.

e-mail: annatravali@hotmail.com

Anna Travali
11 Jui 2011
Boston University Dance Theater, USA

Site internet
Ludo Mlado Concert - The Spirit of Bulgaria in Music and Dance

Ludo Mlado Concert - The Spirit of Bulgaria in Music and Dance

Ludo Mlado is a semi-professional dance troupe based in Boston, MA. Choreographers of the troupe include a former professional dancer from the Bulgarian State Ensemble “Rodopa” and a graduate from the National Choreographic School in Sofia, Bulgaria.

By training dancers and showcasing performances at cultural events, the troupe endeavors to preserve and spread awareness of the rich dance traditions of Bulgaria and the Balkan people. Ludo Mlado performs at weddings, festivals, concerts and wherever the Bulgarian music and dance can bring out unique sensations to the event.

Tickets - LudoMlado.com

Boris Dimitrov
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