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2 Avr 2011

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Boris Dimitrov
9 Avr 2011
Lyon, France

Site internet
Anniversary celebrations of 50 years La Ronde Folklorique - Lyon

April 9th 2011
Salle des fêtes et des familles – Les Garennes
60 avenue Général Eisenhower - 69005 LYON

Festivities Programme
15h00 – 19h00 Dance show and ballroom
19h00 – 20h00 Aperitif and lunch buffet
20h00 – 02h00 Ballroom 4 Orchestras (French-Folk- Balkans)


Boris Dimitrov
9 Avr 2011
13090 Aix-en-Provence, France

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Animé par Maya MIHNEVA - Chorégraphe

Dans une ambiance amicale, on se prend par la main pour faire un "horo" ou une "rachenitsa" !
3 stages prévus - 1ère date :
de 15 h à 17 h

Que vous soyez débutant ou avancé, nous vous proposons des stages de danses tous niveaux!

Lieu où se déroule le 1er stage :
Auberge de Jeunesse "Le Jas de Bouffan"
3,avenue Marcel Pagnol
(près de Fondation VASARELY)
13090 Aix-en-Provence

Accès facile – parking gratuit
Co-voiturage prévu

Inscription et adhésion obligatoires - Nombre limité

Moins de 18 ans – gratuit
Étudiants – 10 euros
Tarif normal – 15 euros
(Chèque à l'ordre de Maya MIHNEVA)
Pourles plus fidèles d'entre vous,

il existe des tarifs dégressifs!

Adhésion 2011 à l’Association Provence-Bulgarie :
Etudiant, sans emploi– 8 €
Individuel – 15 €
Couple – 20 €
(Chèque à l'ordre de l'Association Provence Bulgarie)

Plus de renseignements :
Mireille : 06 10 20 21 87 /afb.13@laposte.net
Zlatina : 06 16 22 65 66 /zlatina.ivanova@gmail.com

Bulletin d'inscription à retourner avant le 27 mars 2011:

Boris Dimitrov
10 Avr 2011 - 17 Avr 2011
learning the Mediterranean & Aegean flora, and dancing at night !

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Botany workshop & seminar, Naxos, Cyclads, Greece : a magical Greek spring…

Botany workshop & seminar, Naxos, Cyclads, Greece : a magical Greek spring…
walking, wandering, hiking… picking and learning… the Mediterranean & Aegean flora
... and Greek traditional dancing at nights !
from April 10th to 17th, 2 011 * 6 days, 7 nights

During the unique greek spring, when the whole island is green and flowering, our cultural Nisiotis association is proposing a botany workshop in Naxos, the largest and most central island, within the wonderful Cyclads.

This is the presentation of the seminar, online :


After this \"botany\" seminar, we will also have a \"greek cooking\" seminar, if you are interested :


Naxos is a very rich, fertile island. Its Zas (Zeus) mount is 1,000 meters high : this is where Zeus has been living, in a grotto, before going to the Olymp as the supreme God.
Naxos, beloved and blessed by the gods, has an extraordinary flora.
Naxos therefore has a significant tradition with botany, plants and herbs.
Many herbalists, pharmacists and chemists in Greece (and abroad) order their herbs from Naxos.
Also, Mr “Korres”, the brilliant inventor of the well-know organic cosmetics, being sold in more than 5,600 chemists’ shops in Greece, is from a tiny, beautiful village, in Naxos.

One week before the Greek Easter, we warmly suggest this new and unique seminar, to learn and discover the extraordinary flora of the Aegean Sea : those enchanting herbs that give to the Greek air this ungorgettable scents & aromas, during your yearly summer holidays…

We will have 2 sessions per day, in the hills : morning, and afternoon ; we’ll walk & learn with two local, well-known herbalists, Andonis & Stephanos. They live all year long in the island, and they know every single path in the island.

We’ll learn the herbs : culture, history, use in pharmacy & medicine; we’ll also learn how to use them daily, after the seminar, back to our homes.

You’ll come back from the seminar with the eyes, the heart, the soul and the spirit full of happiness, full of those wonderful colours & scents !

We will also discover Naxos : its history, its culture, its tradition, its wonderful places : being villages, old churches, old farms and mills, etc.
Beyond : we’ll meet with the Naxian people, and you’ll be delighted to see how warm, welcoming and hospitable they are !!

Every night, we’ll enjoy home-made, organic cooking within a family’s tavern; after dinner, we’ll enjoy local music, and we’ll learn local greek traditional dances, with a teacher from Naxos.

A unique, festive experience ! Naxos is also the island of Dionysos : the island of wine, trance, love…

This program is being prepared with the help & support of our friends in Naxos.

This non-profit seminar is from Sunday, mid-day, to Sunday, mid-day. The cost per person is 650 €. It includes : room, 3 meals per day, botany lessons, dance lessons.
The trip to Naxos is organized by each participant, at his/own best convenience.
We all meet there, in the center of the island.
The number of seats available is limited, so please do not be late to register !

Informations, booking : Philippos @ 00 33 6 03 78 28 77



We look forward to welcoming you !

Presentation of the seminar

philippos dellatolas
17 Avr 2011 - 24 Jan 2011
Gastronomy, music and dance for Easter in Greece

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Cooking workshop & seminar, in Naxos, Cyclads, Greece

A unique cooking workshop & seminar, in Naxos, Cyclads, Greece
Culinary training (morning & afternoon), traditional dances & music (at night)
From April 17th to 24th, 2 011 * 6 days, 7 nights

Be a Greek « chef », a Greek « Cordon Bleu » !
During the wonderful springtime, when life, flowers & colours really explode in Naxos, the non-profit, cultural, Greek, Nisiotis association warmly suggests a unique and unprecedented workshop & seminar in Naxos, the largest island within the Cyclads : one week to learn & master Greek cooking !
Greek cooking is not only an invitation to travel : Greek cooking is already THE journey, itself !

Do you want to be the king or queen of moussaka ?
Be unrivalled for all Greek pies ?
Surprise all your friends with your « mezedes » & « keftedes » ?
Do you want, in other words, to feel at ease with all Greek recipes, and live your passion for Greece & good food ?
Join us, and be with us in Naxos for this new & exciting seminar !!! This is its presentation (just click) :


During one week, we’ll learn and work with Katerina, a well-know cook in Naxos, who has been writing several books with wonderful recipes of her own !

Naxos is a very rich, fertile island : gold and sunny olive oil, organic fruit and vegetable; wonderful cheese, milk & meet from local goats & sheep ; herbs, spices & seasoning from the mountains. Kazantzakis, who lived & worked in Naxos, wrote that Naxos was “paradise on earth”…
Twice a day, morning & afternnon, we’ll work with Katerina, to learn, prepare, share and taste wonderful dishes.
Every evening, we’ll learn local traditional dances, word-famous “nisiotika”, from Naxos and the Cyclads.
Because Naxos is also very fertile for music, tradition, dance and social life…

You’ll come back from Naxos with the eyes, the nose, the ears, the soul and the hear full of unforgettable flavours !
And back home, you’ll enchant your friends & relatives with your new talents for Greek cooking !!

Of course, we’ll see and discover Naxos, its history, its culture, its tradition.
And we’ll meet and live unique moments with the Naxians, whose hospitality has become legendary.

At the end of the week, which will be the Holy Week, we’ll celebrate Easter, in the Orthodox way : 3 unforgettable days ! Easter is the most important feast in Greece.

A warm, festive, joyful seminar !
Naxos is the island of Dionysos : the island of celebration, of wine, of human and divine feasts, of joy of life…

The seminar is from Sunday, mid-day, to Sunday, mid-day. The price includes everything in Naxos (apart from personal expenses) : double-room (2 beds), breakfast, lunch, diner, cooking-lessons, dance : 700 €

Each person organizes its trip to Athens & Naxos, we all meet in Naxos.
Please do not be late in registering, the number of seats available is limited !

Informations, booking :
Philippos 00 33 6 03 78 28 77
nisosnaxos@gmail.com & www.nisiotis.gr

Presentation of the seminar

philippos dellatolas
19 Avr 2011 - 25 Avr 2011
Denizli - TÜRKİYE

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PEV-PAHOY II.Intern. Chıldren Folk Dance Fetıval

19-25 Aprıl 2011 - Denizli, TÜRKİYE

Dear Frıends,

We are very glad to honored to be in contact with you and your folk dance group. We would like to invite you and “Welcome” you to our PEV – Prıvate School and PAHOY
Folkdance Youth Club II. International Children Folk Dance festival / DENİZLİ - TÜRKİYE
This festival program includes folk dance and folk music performances, sport tournaments between dance groups, picnics, aqua park, historical visits etc.

Organization’s Responsibilities are ;

Medical Help “ Normally “
Place to stay during the festival. ( Children in host families and directors, musicians,drivers etc. in hotel )
200 lt gasoline who will travel with their own bus.
Airport transport (only Denizli or İzmir airport )who will with their own airplane..
Gift for each person t-shırt,hat and some etc.

Group’s Responsibilities are ;

Group must be max. 35 members ( dancers, musicians, sponsors bus drivers etc. )
Max. adult participants can be 10 person ( musicians,director, drivers )
Dancers age can be between 7 and 14 years old.
We will prefer groups with live music..
Group must pay all the traveling expense.
Group must arrive the festival 19 Aprıl 2011 ( in the morning ) and leave from the festival 25.Aprıl 2010.

We will be happy to see you in PEV & PAHOY II. International Children Folk Dance and Music Festival / DENİZLİ we are waiting you impatiently...

Director of Anatolian Folk Dance Group
General Representatıve of Gogakou Chıld Folk Camp From Greece
Festıvak Menager

Address : P.K 40, 35541 – Denizbostanlısı , İzmir - TURKEY
Tel/Fax : + 90 232 330 31 57
www.anatolianfolk.org - www.anatolianfest.com - www.miaforacamp.gr
turkei_iov@yahoo.com - info@anatolianfolk.org

Arif Sönmez
19 Avr 2011 - 24 Avr 2011
Istambul, Turquie

Site internet
Istambul - festival d'enfants

L'objectif est d'introduire la culture du monde, la culture turque, les coutumes et traditions de toutes les personnes qui travaillent pour la culture et de vivre dans la culture et ont l'humeur du musicien et la danseuse. Pour remercier les personnes et les danses de différents pays étrangers dans ce but. Dans ce festival principal objectif est de répondre aux différentes et rassembler les gens pour la paix, l'amitié et l'amour.

VI. ISTANBUL ENFANTS Festival de la culture organisera 19 au 24 avril 2011 à Istanbul. Nous allons inviter les six pays du folklore, fanfare, chœur ou groups.Groups danse moderne arrivera le 19 avril, quittera le 24 avril au matin.

Pour plus d'informations et les conditions de participation: www.harmanfolk.com / festivalistanbul.htm

26 Avr 2011 - 30 Avr 2011
Palma de Mallorca, Espagne

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Festival Mondial de danses folkloriques

Le Festival de Danses Folkloriques du Monde est organisé dans le but de réunir des cultures différentes, parfois très lointaines, grâce à la musique et à la danse. Ce spectacle émouvant, riche en couleurs et débordant d'enthousiasme, donne au spectateur un aperçu des cultures du monde entier.

Depuis 1987 et sous la présidence de SAR l'Infante Doña Elena, Palma de Majorque est la scène de cet événement qui réunit des participants venus du monde entier pour nous faire découvrir leur culture et leur maestria. En 1989, le festival comptait déjà 65 groupes et près de 1500 participants ; en 1991, ce chiffre atteignait plus de 2000 danseurs et musiciens.

Les plus belles danses et les représentations les plus spectaculaires sont chaque année récompensées par un Jury International chargé d'attribuer des trophées et des prix en espèces.

30 Avr 2011 - 1 Mai 2011

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