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République Tchèque
9 Déc 2009 - 13 Déc 2009
Czech Republic : Prague

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The Advent Festival WINTER SONATA are invited all the singers groups from all over the world to spend the advent time in the Golden Prague.
The International Festival of Choral Art is open to Mixed, Men’s, Women’s and Children’s
Choirs (from 45 persons) and Chamber Vocal Ensembles (from 21 persons).
The festival performance will be evaluated by an expert jury. The choirs will be assigned in accordance with the international rules:
1 - Gold Laureate 45 – 50,0 points
1 - Gold diploma 25 – 29,9 points
2 - Silver Laureate 40 – 44,9 points 2 - Silver diploma 20 – 24,9 points
3 - Bronze Laureate 30 – 39,9 points 3 - Bronze diploma 15 – 19,9 points
As a part of the festival program there will be common singing of all participating choirs at the historic Old Town Square in Prague.
The Laureate’s will have the performance in the one of the famous church in Prague. In case of your interest, it’s necessary to send the CD with 2 competition songs 8 minute-long contest program with the music of Advent.
The application form should be delivered till 01.11.2009
General conditions & program by request!
Age limits for participants: NO
!!! The winners will be invited to the summer festival in the South Bohemia with the tour to the Austria !!!
We will be glad to cooperate with you!
Organization committee

J& S Group s.r.o
Vaclavske namesti 1,
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420-267911785
Fax: +420 -267911783

GSM: +420 731 484 366
+420 605 252 222

E-mail: jsgroup-market@praha-cz.net

Anastasia Drbalova
République Tchèque
9 Déc 2009 - 12 Déc 2009
II. International Festival of Christmas Music

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Winter Sonata Prize 2009

II. International Festival of Christmas Music
Winter Sonata Prize 2009
December 09 - 12, 2009

Dear Friends,
The J&S Group - art agency are inviting you to take part in the
1st. International Festival of Christmas Choral Music
The International Festival of Choral Art is being held as an event envisaged at promoting the art of choral singing and a rendezvous of the talent and artistic perfection of choirs from all over the world.
The Festival is open to Mixed, Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Choirs and Chamber Vocal Ensembles in following categories:

A) Chamber choirs (up to 24 member’s incl. the conductor)
B) Big choirs (youth and adults from 25 members)
C) Mixed choir
D) Homogeneous choirs (male or female)
E) Children’s choirs (up to 16 years)
* The age of participants is not restricted


The competition program is to be aimed mainly at Advent and Christmas music and it is supposed to last in the category of children’s choirs 10 - 12 minutes, in other categories 12 – 15 minutes.
The total performance time must not be more than 20 minutes, including the choir\'s entrance and exit. The time breach jury will take into account in their valuations.

There are max. 3 pieces of choral music are to be performed.
1. One work with the Christmas thematic
2. One Christmas song from choir\'s country
3. Two works of the choir\'s own choice;
Minimum one works must be performed a-cappella.
Piano accompaniment and traditional folk music instruments are permitted if it written in the scores.

The festival performance will be evaluated by an expert jury, witch will be consists of the international and Czech expert in choral music.
The assessment will be based on the following aspects:
1. Technical performance: Intonation, rhythm, phrasing, ensemble, accuracy with respect to the written notes, pronunciation.
2. Artistic performance: Timing, agogics, dynamic, flexibility, text-interpretation, emotions, expressiveness, accuracy of style, choral sound.
3. Presentation of the program: Choose of the repertoire, difficulty of the performance, general impression, contact of the choir with the conductor, singing from memory costumes.

Every jury member will evaluate the contest performance of each choir by a marking system in the scale of 0 – 50 points. The final result achieved by a choir will be worked out on the basis of the total points given by each of the jurors.
Every choir will receive a written evaluation of their contest performance given by each juror together with the total number of points. The decisions of the jury are final and may not be legally challenged.

On the basis of these criteria and received points participating choirs will be assigned in accordance with the international rules:

1 - Gold Lauriat 45 – 50 points
2 - Silver Lauriat 40 – 44,9 points
3 - Bronze Lauriat 30 – 39,9 points
1 - Gold diploma 25 – 29,9 points
2 - Silver diploma 20 – 24,9 points
3 - Bronze diploma 15 – 19,9 points

Those choirs which wouldn’t reach at least 15 points for their competition performance will be awarded a certificate for participation in the festival only.
Apart from diplomas awarding a winner of each category and the absolute winner of the festival will be announced.
Special prices of the jury can be awarded (for the best of presentation the program, for the best conductor of the choir, for the best soloist).

At the end of the competition there is a common singing at the Old Town Square, where Christmas and Advent songs will be sung, composed specially for this occasion.

Many choirs are confused as recently cloned, smaller, purely commercial festivals have cropped up in Prague and Bratislava - having stolen our festival’s name - we are taking legal steps to protect our festival’s name and reputation and prevent them from their unlawful activities.
If you are interested in taking part in the 1st. festival, please contact us:
J&S Group
Praha 11000 Vaclavske Nam.1
Tel:+420 222240697 ;+420 267911785
Fax : +420 267911783
www.jsgroup.cz ;
The festival can be entered by sending the application form by e-mail or to the fax.
The final date for application is 30.10. 2009
With entry form must be applications the following documents:
• a history of the choir (compulsory; in English; max 20 lines) and the conductor (by wish),
• photo of the choir (compulsory, min 1 Mb) and conductor (by wish),
• the planned festival programs, including times and accompaniment or a-cappella,
• Typed competition program including compositor’s name, title and duration of the piece.
• Three copies of the scores of the works to be entered for the festival.

Anastasia Drbalova
12 Déc 2009 - 13 Déc 2009
Oostvleteren (B-8640)

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Stage de danses Bulgares - Prof. Nikolaj Cvetkov

Stage de danses bulgares, avec l'accent sur les danses du Pirin

Bernard Duthoy
12 Déc 2009

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L'association PROVENCE BULGARIE organise un concert avec le trio "BULGARIA GOSPELS" suivi d'un repas...
sur réservation au 06 10 20 21 87 avant le 10 décembre

Vous êtes intéressé(s)... plus d'infos sur notre site :
http://www.france-bulgarie.org rubrique AGENDA


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