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Traditional Costumes
Apron from Thrace, Bulgaria

Traditional Costumes
Apron from Thrace, Bulgaria

Traditional Costumes
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Traditional Costumes
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16 Jun 2009 - 22 Jun 2009

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73.Internatıonal Pergamon Folk Festıval

Our best wishes from Bergama your twin-city.
We will celebrate the 73th International Kermes of Bergama between 16th and 22th June 2008.
We are in wish to celebrate this happening of the 73th Kermes together with your participation, due to the friendship of our towns.
In witness there of, we kindly invite you and your music, dance,show and art groups or other activity groups to Bergama, for the festival, organized between 16th and 22th June 2008.
The conditions of the participations are given below.
If you can participate to our Kermes, we will be happy to see you and your activity group here in Bergama.
Arif Sönmez
Festıval Organıser
Tel/Fax : + 90 232 3303157

Arif Sönmez
22 Jun 2009 - 30 Jun 2009

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III. International Kocaeli "GOLDEN PISMANIYE"Cultures, Arts and Folklore Festival...

1.Accommodation and meals during the festival in the youth pensıon or hotel ( rooms are with 3 or 4 bed and each room has bath and wc ).
2 Participants who will participate festival by bus, organization will give 100 lt. gasoline. Groups who will travel by plane, organization responsible of all transfers. (İstanbul Airport – İzmit)
3.English speaking interpreter for each troupe will be ready.
4- Participants must be maximum 35 person and ages must be minimum 18 years old.
5- All of the shows are with live music interpreted by the group (no recorded music)
6.All groups can sell their own culturel products in places, where comittee will show..

7- Participants will send their name list with ages till 31.05.2009

Contact : Arif Sönmez (Anatolıan Folk Dance Group)

Tel / Fax: + 90 232 330 31 57

Arif Sönmez
25 Jun 2009 - 28 Jun 2009

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Balkan Festival Workshops 2009

Workshops: Ben Koopmanschap (from Albania to Kroatia), Dick v.d. Zwan (Greek), Ersin Seyhan (Turkish), Bianca de Jong (Bulgarian), Silviu Ciuciumis (Romanian), Hedwig Schoots (Song), Helen van Bochove (Ball)
Orchestras: Orkest Trediki, Orkest Sultan.

For further information and registration forms please contact
Silviu Ciuciumis at the above address.

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