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Traditional Costumes
Men's shirt from Sofia Region

Traditional Costumes
Tsarvuli (traditional Bulgarian shoes) N 40

Traditional Costumes
Tsarvuli (traditional Bulgarian shoes) N 39

Traditional Costumes
Embroidered shirt for baby - boy

Traditional Costumes
Tsarvuli (traditional Bulgarian shoes) N 42


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Rachenitsa na horo
Medley of three songs
Oh, Lazar

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15 Sep 2008 - 20 Sep 2008

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" The World Meet " Intern.Festıvals of Arts in Bodrum

The International Festival of Arts “The World meet in Bodrum” is a non-competitive sample of traditional and modern dances and music performed by amateur folkloric groups; its aim is to make up friendship among the groups and the different countries, and to favourish the understanding of traditions and popular art. It’s sponsored by the Ortakent Yahşi Belediyesi - Sunu Sahne Organization and organized by the Ortakent Yahşi Belediyesi - Sunu Sahne Organization - Anatolıan Folk Dance Group..

In the festival may participate adult , youth and children folklore dance groups, modern dance groups ,vocal groups, instrumental groups and soloists, as well groups and performers from other arts' styles.
It takes place in Bodrum – Turkey – world famous tourist place on the Aegean Sea - every year during second half of September. (15 up 20 of September 2008 both included).

Offıcıal Form

Arif Sönmez
1 Oct 2008 - 4 Oct 2008
St.Petersburg, Russia

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1st Folklore festival "Interfolk in Russia" 2008

International Folk Festival is to bring together performing folk groups from different countries of the world and from different cities of Russia.
- Folk, dancing and instrumental groups from all over the world, both professional and amateur, with no age restrictions
- Craftsmen of folk/national arts and crafts
- Children's artistic associations (applied art)
- Folk costumes' workshops and fashion theatres

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