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30 Jui 2009 - 9 Jui 2009
Timisoara - Romania

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Romanian folk dance seminar

Romanian folk dance seminar
30th June – 9th July 2009, Timisoara – Romania

The program of this workshop includes the teaching of folk dances from Banat and Romania and, also music courses for violin and wind instruments: saxophone, clarinet, whistle, caval and ocarina.
The teachers of this workshop are professionals with a great experience in their fields.

Toma Frentescu is the coordinator of this workshop and he is artistic director and master choreographer of the folk ensemble \"Timisul\"
Marius Ursu is the master choreographer of the folk ensemble Doina Timisului
Laita Stanescu is the master choreographer of the folk ensemble \"Timisul\"

Date and place
a. Date of the workshop
From Tuesday, the 30th of Juny to Thursday, the 9th of July 2009, after dinner.
b. Place
Timisoara, the capital of Banat, a town in the west part of Romania, also known as the town of roses.
Baile Herculane, a town in the southern part of Banat.

Housing and meals
a. Timisoara, 8 days with board and lodging included, in double rooms (breakfast, lunch and dinner included). An additional 50 euro is required for a single room.
b. Baile Herculane, 1 days with board and lodging included.
• 600 euro/person (for dancing and music). The fee includes the participation in all the activities mentioned above, the transportation from the Timisoara International Airport to the hotel, and the trip to Prigor.
• 400 euro/person, for the persons that do not take part in the courses but take part in the other activities.
The prices include:
- dancing courses accompanied by the dancers and live professional orchestra.
- CD and DVD with the music from the educational programme
- watching the performances from The International Folk Festival “Festivalul Inimilor”
- watching the performances from The International Folk Festival “Hercules”
- visit to The Banat Museum, with folk Romanian art exhibition.
- visit to the Banat Village Museum (traditional peasant houses)
- accompanying by Marius Ursu and Laita Stanescu throughout the period
- for group of 5 to 9 people – 5% discount.
- for group of 10 people and more – 10% discount.
- for participants who have taken part in any of the previous editions of Banatfolk Workshop - 5% discount.
Contact information
Marius Ursu,
E-mail: workshop@banatfolk.com , mariusursu91@yahoo.com
Web: www.mariusursu.ro, www.banatfolk.com, www.doinatimisului.ro

Marius Ursu
11 résultats, 2 pages | 2 »

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