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République Tchèque
3 Aoû 2008 - 9 Aoû 2008
Prague, République tchèque

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International d'enfants et de jeunes concours de musique

Chers amis,

Société Pitagross vous invite à participer à un concours musical international de la jeunesse et les festivals pour enfants, qui aura lieu à Prague, République tchèque.

Dates des festivals:
03.08.2008 - 09.08.2008
03.11.2008. -- 09.11.2008
01.12.2008 - 07.12.2008
03.01.2009 - 09.01.2009

Peuvent participer à des festivals de collectifs de plusieurs genres: folk académiques et de chorales, ensembles vocaux, solistes, chorégraphiques collectifs, les solistes de la musique folklorique et la danse moderne, les orchestres à cordes et, le vent et des ensembles folkloriques, des groupes folkloriques et autres.

Pendant le festival tous les collectifs est l'occasion de présenter leur programme et de la compétition internationale gen diplôme. Festival de juges sont honorés figures de la culture tchèque, les enseignants des principaux instituts musicale et chorégraphique de Prague.

Principaux personnages de festivals - organiser démarche sérieuse et bien travaillé excursion et un programme de divertissement, infiniment chaleur de l'accueil et fête.

Ne soyez pas hésiter à poser des questions. Vous pouvez envoyer vos questions à l'adresse e-mail ou pitagross@email.cz tous nos gestionnaires se fera un plaisir de prêter attention à vous.

Nous sommes impatients de vous rencontrer!

Pitagross s.r.o.
5 Aoû 2008 - 17 Aoû 2008
West Macedonia (Prespa Lake) - Greece

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Seminar Traditional GREEK dances in western Macedonia

In a region rich both in history and traditions. In the village of LEMOS near Prespa Lake (natural border between Albania, Fyrom/ex-Yu. Rep.of Macedonia,and Greece).
Alongside the native Macedonians, live Vlach, Pontic and Sarakatsani families, refugees from Asia Minor and Albanian immigrants. This mixture of ethnic cultures creates a uniquely rich and varied experience for the workshop participants at local festivities ("panegiria") and parties ("glendia"). Traditional dance in this part of Macedonia is still very ALIVE and we have many opportunities to join the residents of the neighbouring villages and share with them the happiness in dancing their OWN dances !
Program : all the facets of Greek dance and music are gathered with participationof teachers native from the region taught and respectful of their traditions : Macedonia, Epirus, Islands and Crete, Thraki, Pondos,Minor Asia, etc ...
Information :
Yannis Konstantinou - yankost@otenet.gr
mobile 0030 6 944 946 227
Maryse Fabre - maryse.fabre3@wanadoo.fr
mobile 0033 6 81 20 73 79

Maryse FABRE
5 Aoû 2008 - 9 Aoû 2008

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III. International Folkdance Festival

III. INTERNATIONAL FOLKDANCE FESTIVAL will be held between August 5-9, 2008 by YAREN Ajans in Mudanya -BURSA, in scope of I. International Turkey Mega Festival’08 which will be held between August 4-10, 2008

In scope of I. International Turkey Mega Festival’08, there will be several concerts by several national and international artists, international folkdance festival and other various activities. Mega Festival will be announced by TV and press of 4 different countries and there will be approximately 250.000 guests in every day performances. There will be great light and firework animations in this great organization and it will open to public.

6 Aoû 2008 - 10 Aoû 2008
Guca (Gucha), Serbia

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Guca Festival Trubaca

The most famous Folk Festival in Serbia with participation of trumpet orchestras.

The first Dragacevo Assembly of Trumpet Players was held on October 16, 1961 in the yard of the Church of Sts. Michael and Gabriel in Gucha. Initially, it was a very modest Assembly - almost subversive for the prevailing political circumstances of that time. However, the Assembly gradually grew and expanded its, one might say, magical influence, and over the past ten or so years has become the folk remained its key symbol and raison detre, it is no longer held solely for the trumpet players.

Balkanfolk Team
10 Aoû 2008 - 16 Aoû 2008
Portugal, Angra do Heroismo

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XXIV International Folklore Festival of Azores

XXIV International Folklore Festival of Azores organized by COFIT (Terceira's International Organizing Committee)

Rua Padre Maximo, no 4, Santa Luzia
9700-142 Angra do Heroismo

Balkanfolk Calendar
10 Aoû 2008 - 17 Aoû 2008
Poligiros, Grèce

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4 Festival International de Folklore à Poligiros

Participants: groupes folkloriques de danse folklorique, la musique, le chant.

Lieu de l'événement: Poligiros et les environs des villes et des villages.

Le comité organisateur choisira les groupes qui participeront au festival. Les groupes qui sont intéressés à participer doivent nous envoyer des photos, des vidéos et des informations sur le groupe. La photo présentée et vidéo sont à la libre disposition des organisateurs.

Folklore marché: de tous les groupes participant au Festival doit offrir dans les diverses possibilités d'origine et des produits authentiques, comme l'artisanat, des cassettes, des disques compacts à la vente.

Règlement pour le festival

Efi Proikou
12 Aoû 2008 - 17 Aoû 2008
Confolens, France

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51ème Festival Folklorique du Confolens

51ème Festival Folklorique du Confolens

Balkanfolk Calendar
16 Aoû 2008 - 24 Aoû 2008

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46 ème festival international de folklore Lefkas

Festival international du folklore "Lekfas" (Lefkada, Grèce) accepte maintenant les demandes des groupes de danses folkloriques de tous les coins du monde pour l'édition 2008 du festival.

Lefkas International Folklore Festival
1 Agg. Sikelianou and Svoronou str.
Lefkada 31100
Tel : 0030 26450 26635, 26711
Fax: 0030 26450 26715

Balkanfolk Calendar
16 Aoû 2008 - 25 Aoû 2008

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A Seminar on Greek Traditional Dances, during 16-24/8/2008
will be organized in Crete, in the village Almyrida at Chania,
and we propose you to join it and enjoy real traditional
Cretan Life, Dance Courses and Holidays !!!
As all of you know, Chania (city and whole area) is one of the most beautiful areas of Crete, Almyrida village is in the middle of all the villages that keep tradition in their daily life and those that organize local festivities are only 2-7 kms away from our hotel, so you’ll have the chance to live with Cretans, stay in a very good hotel, on the beach & with pools, and dance with the best Choreographers of Greek dances, really experts on their field of expertise !
Location Almyrida is a fishing village, just developed but remained unspoilt. It’s been characterized as an area of many beauties, has crystal clear waters-sometimes you think you swim in a pool, organized and safe beaches awarded with the blue flag every year, that are also home to water sports, as you can also dive and fish. The hills with the olive trees and the mountain range of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), give to the area cool climate. Historically, the whole area used to be the colony of the ancient civilization Finikes.
The Cretans hospitality and the traditional Cretan food & wine, will make your holidays really pleasant.
The Hotel We’ll stay at Almyrida Beach Hotel & Studios, 4 stars hotel, that is exactly on the beach of the village (www.almyridabeach.com).The rooms provide A/C, SatTV, Fridge, Hairdryer, Bath, Radio, Direct Dial Telephone, sea/mountain view balconies. The hotel also provides bars, swimming pools and also (at local charge) Jacuzzi, Safe deposit box and Mini Bar. In the hotel restaurants are served real Cretan specialties.
Taxi service can be arranged from the hotel to transfer you, from/to Chania’s airport and Chania’s/Rethymnon Ports, as also to go at the local festivities, any time/date-night (charge on your own)

Pedagogy 3-6 hrs/day dancing lessons (in A/Ced room) from all the areas of Greece.
A Briefing on the traditional dances, songs, music, costumes, customs etc. will be given by each choreographer.
Also, we’ll give emphasis to male and female “solos” and difficulty of style at Cretan and Island dances.
Activities In our projects are: A cruise that we’ll begin by a visit to the island “Imeri Gramvoussa” where the boat will anchor and we’ll visit a Venetian Castle and swim at the beach, then visit the lagoon of Balos where we’ll swim at the shiny jade-like color waters with white beach (www.gramvousa.com). Other visits, as also museum and factory of blown glass at Gavalochori, “panigyria” (local festivities), games on the beach and a tournament of bowling in the facilities of our hotel !!! You will also have enough free time to spend it as you wish.
Registration Deadline Till… 1st June 2008. Beware, most of people visit Crete/Greece this specific perio of August, so book flights & boat tickets before May,as then it will be difficult cheap fees later.

For more info on registration, transportation, activities, daily agenda, please call or email Ms. Mary Markaki,
Tel.+30-6944-330 486/+30-210-77 86 625 OR e-mail at: marynaiads@hotmail.com

Registration Form
Announcement and Useful Infos

Mary Markaki
17 Aoû 2008 - 31 Aoû 2008
Primorsko, Bulgarie

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Festival International de Folklore, Primorsko 2008

Organisé pour la cinquième fois consécutive à Primorsko par "EUROGRADE» Ltd et "EUROGRADE BG» SA avec l'appui de Primorsko Municipalité, et de l'Association du folklore bulgare 27.08.2008 jusqu'au 31.08.2008

Димитър Тодоров
24 résultats, 3 pages | 2

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