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Ensemble Pirin from Brno in Koprivshtitsa
Ensemble Pirin from Brno in Koprivshtitsa

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Ensemble Pirin from Brno in Koprivshtitsa
5 Oktober 2010 - Koprivshtitsa - Bulgaria

Clara Belcov and several members of Pirin ensemble, Czech Republic, were not here for the first time: "we visited Koprivshtitsa five years' ago as spectators. Then we thought how nice it would be if in the next festival we could perform our programme on Saturday with the other groups from abroad. And yes, we participated and danced on stage with vocal ensembles and orchestras mostly from Canada, USA, Japan, England, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Ukraine and Greece.

Many performances were held on eight stages scattered throughout the grasslands and mountains in the region Voyvodenets with a magnificent view over the surrounding forests. We admired all the old women and men who, in the heat, climbed the steep slopes then sang and danced like young girls. We recognised the merit of the young dancers, musicians and children who, despite modern influence, showed and perpetuated folklore in the traditions of their ancestors.

I stopped and admired with all my heart those who sang and danced, also the stage scenes, and felt the pleasure of being in the meadows, streets and squares and seeing the sun go down behind the horizon. Finally, our greatest thanks to our dance director Georgi Georgiev, the choreographer Nikolai Nikolov and grandmother Radka. Koprivshtitsa cannot be recreated with words, it must be seen! See you in five years!"

 Catherine Tidlachkova

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