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New CD of Zornitsa Vocal Folk Group - Pii momche vino

Balkanfolk has released the first independent album of Vocal Folk Group Zornitsa. It is a beautiful collection of Bulgarian authentic folklore songs. Here one can listen to the curious singing in two voices, which is typical for the Western Bulgarian regions.
Pii Momche Vino (Drink wine, boy) is the song which gave name of the album.

15 Juni 2005 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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  Jubilee contcerts - 50 years Ensemble Pirin, Blagoevgrad

Pirin Ensemble (Blagoevgrad) has already had 50 years left behind - years of sterling work and devotion to the folklore art. It represents on the stage the great variety of traditional songs and dances, customs and rituals, all taken from the authentic Bulgarian folklore. Pirin members are proud to revive, preserve, and spread our folklore peculiarities all over the world. And they are beautiful - unique and remembered.

8 Oktober 2004 -
Boris Dimitrov
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A Bulgarian folklore singer Stoyan Varnaliev prepares Thracian meals `Sol Piper` Magazine

The fans call him `Orpheus from Yambol`. Stoyan Varnaliev is one of those Bulgarians, who are endowed with a rich voice, and believe performing of folklore songs is a mission of them. He is a student of the recognized Thracian singer Valkana Stoyanova, who passed more than a hundred authentic Thracian songs on to him. One part of them she had preserved, but never recorded. Some of the songs tell about shepherds and rebels, and while one listens he feels as though he could smell the baking lamb in the Mountain.

10 Juli 2004 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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