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Traditional Costumes
Apron from Thrace, Bulgaria

Traditional Costumes
Apron from Thrace, Bulgaria

Traditional Costumes
Apron from Thrace, Bulgaria

Traditional Costumes
Women's costume from the Region of Debar

Traditional Costumes
Bulgarian women's costume from Thrace Region


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30 Apr 2008 - 4 May 2008
Roseto, Italy

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First Folk Festival Abruzzo’s Beaches

Dance, song and instrumental ensembles are invited to take part in the Festival.

The Festival has no competitive character. It’s puprose is to acquaint both the participants and the resort guests with the art, culture, traditions and habits of the participating countries, to create informal contacts between children and delegations’ officials, to provide good rest in Italy.

The festival is organized by SOPRAVISTA Association and The Municipality of Anzio in collaboration with the Public Shcool Board.

Luca Mancino
1 May 2008 - 4 May 2008
La Couronne - Martigues (France)

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Greek dances and songs workshop

Stage de 4 jours à la Couronne-Martigues.
Danses animées par :
- Christos THEOLOGOS (Asie-Mineure)
- Nikos ZOURNATZIDIS (Pont-Euxin)
- Yannis LENTAKIS (Karpathos, Dodécanèse)

Chants animés par :

Le 2 mai, Fête à Port-de-Bouc

Sylvain Machefert
2 May 2008

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Greek party with concerts

GRANDE SOIREE GRECQUE le vendredi 2 mai 2008 animée par les groupes :
- Pansélinos : musiques traditionnelles du Nord de la Grèce et des Iles, accompagné de Patrice GABET (violon) et Maria SIMOGLOU (kanoun & chant)

- Yannis KLADAKIS, Yannis LENTAKI : musiques traditionnelles des îles du Dodécanèse

- Mixhalis Kaliontzidis : musiques traditionnelles du Pont-Euxin

Sylvain Machefert
3 May 2008 - 4 May 2008
Sofia, Bulgaria

Fourth International Festival ‘Spring in Sofia 2008’

The fourth international festival for authentic folklore ‘Spring in Sofia 2008’ will take place from 3 to 5 May 2008 and folklore groups from Chepelare, Kyustendil, Omourtag, Kalipetrovo, Bogatovo, Gabrov dol, Gotse Delchev and Razgrad will take part.

Along with the Bulgarian groups some representatives from Kazakhstan, Croatia, Russia and Greece will perform.

Photos from International festival "Spring in Sofia"

Balkanfolk Calendar
4 May 2008 - 6 May 2008
Vratsa, Bulgarie

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Third International Folklore Festival ‘Spring in Vratsa’

The third International Folklore Festival ‘Spring in Vratsa’ will be held in the outskirts of the Vratsa Balkan. The venue is the town of Vratsa in the Drama-puppet theatre, Youth’s club and cultural club ‘Razvitie’. Groups form Greece, Roumania and Serbia and 5 Bulgarian groups will take part. The Municipality of Vratsa is organizing the event.

For contacts:
R. Krumova
Tel: 092/ 629 286

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