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Traditional Costumes
Tsarvuli (traditional Bulgarian shoes) N 41

Traditional Costumes
Tsarvuli (traditional Bulgarian shoes) N 42

Traditional Costumes
Tsarvuli (traditional Bulgarian shoes) N 35

Traditional Costumes
Tsarvuli (traditional Bulgarian shoes) N 36

Traditional Costumes
Tsarvuli (traditional Bulgarian shoes) N 38


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3 Feb 2007 - 4 Feb 2007
Maison des Jeunes François Goanac’h, Rue de Grieu à Rouen

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Seminar for Romanian dances with Mircea Ivanescu

The association of international folklore “La Ronde” - Rouen, France organizes seminar for Romanian folklore dances with Mircea Ivanescu.

The Mircea Ivanescu is Romanian choreograph and director of Folklore ensemble Brauleţul, Curtea de Argeş – Romania.

For more information and registration please download bulletin of inscription

Bulletin of inscription

Борис Димитров
United Kingdom
17 Feb 2007 - 18 Feb 2007
Bognor Regis

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Greek Folk Dance Workshop with Angie Saravelaki

Main Hall, Bognor Regis Community College, Main School,Westloats Lane
Saturday 10:15am (for 10:30am start) to 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00 to 4:30pm

There will be a one hour lunch break each day plus breaks. Please bring packed lunch.
For booking form and map, please download flyer:


Balkanfolk Calendar
26 Feb 2007
Sofia, Bulgaria

The 1st of March – Amateur’s Day Concert Gala

This show is full of tints, rhythms, legends and traditions of the unique Bulgarian folklore! Some of the famous Sofia dance ensembles will be on the big stage, such as: Zornitsa, Zdravets, Sredets, Sofia-6, and others. The concert is dedicated to the Bulgaria integration to the European Union. It expresses the gratitude to all community centres workers and amateurs for their lofty work, devoted to the conservation and treasuring the Bulgarian national heritage, by which our identity will enter in the European Union boundaries.

Organizers: the Culture and Education Department at the Metropolitan Municipality, in collaboration with Sofia Dance Workers Association and NDK.

19.30 Hall 1, NDK

Борис Димитров
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