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15 юли 2009 - 30 авг 2009
Halkıdıkı - GREECE

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Because technology has made man arrogant and egocentric.
Because we think that environmental education does not work when man face environment authoritatively.
Because the "Nature-Animals-Man" triptych must retain a balance
Because man can never realize the fact that man and environment are interdependent by means of words but by experience and actions. This is the reason why we created "Once upon a time"
At its live folklore workshops you will see nature, man, animals in an interdependent harmonic and balanced relationship.
At "Once upon a time" you will see no dead exhibition areas.
You will experience live tradition, a fairytale-like reality, a game of tradition and life, of nature, man, animals, in as ideal relationship.


Arif Sönmez
21 юли 2009 - 31 юли 2009
In the heart of tradition, dance, music, songs, culture, life of the Cyclads

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NISOS NAXOS 2009, a unique seminar in the heart of the Greek Islands

We are very proud and very happy to propose NISOS NAXOS 2 009, a unique 11-day seminar in Naxos, from July 21st to July 31st, 2 009.

Much more than a seminar : a unique journey within tradition, culture, history, music, soul and life of the islands, of the Kyklades, of the Aegean Sea, with the Naxiotes !

I do remain at your disposal for further information.
Please feel free to reach me by phone at : 00 33 6 03 78 28 77, or by mail at : nisosnaxos@gmail.com

All my best wishes for 2 009, with much happiness and joy, plenty of love, and a lot of greek dancing...

Philippos (apo tin Tino...)

(00) (33) (0) 6 03 78 28 77 (Vodafone mobile number)

- from France : 06 03 78 28 77
- from any other country : 00 33 6 03 78 28 77

the complete programm of the greek traditional dances seminar

philippos dellatolas
22 юли 2009 - 27 юли 2009
Özdere - İzmir / TURKEY...

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XVI. International Cultures, Arts,sports and Folklore Festival...

Municipality of OZDERE / IZMIR-Turkey will organıse "XVI.. International Cultures, Arts, Sports and Folklore Festival " 22-27.07.2009.
The committee would like to invite six Folkdance group (adult/young) under the cultural basic exchange conditions.
The group will be accommodated 5 nights in the Hotel near the seaside;
If you accept these conditions, please answer in a short time. So we will send you official invitation letter.
Please accept our sympathetic and best wishes from all of us and say HELLO to your group.
Best Regards,
Arif Sönmez..

Ozdere Fest..

Arif Sönmez
26 юли 2009 - 1 авг 2009
Academy of Music, Dance & Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The website for the 2009 Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria is now almost complete and contains detailed information about the

teachers and daily schedule.

The Seminar is especially designed for non-Bulgarians (or Bulgarians interested in connecting with their \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"roots\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" music and dance) who want a more in

-depth opportunity to learn traditional instruments, singing styles, and dance than is normally possible for groups or individuals traveling to

Bulgaria. This richly unique program couples the knowledge of teachers at the Plovdiv Music Academy with tradition bearers throughout the country.

Many classes will be taught by village \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"masters\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" from various regions in Bulgaria; the dance program, in particular, features different groups of

musicians and dancers throughout the week, teaching dances from their own villages. A Bulgarian language class will also be offered, as well as

optional evening social activities (such as the Plovdiv International Folk Festival which takes place nearby the Seminar).

Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar
July 26, 2009 - August 1, 2009
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

(NOTE: This is a new domain for the Seminar)

A few things to note since last year’s Seminar:

1) This year\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s singing program will focus more on singing styles from Strandzha, the different subregions in Thrace, and Shopluk.

2) We\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve shortened class lengths by 15 minutes each because there just wasn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t enough free time in the schedule.

3) We\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve added a Bitov ensemble class to give instrument students more opportunity to play in small groups.

There is now a special page, in the Bulgarian language, describing how Bulgarians may register.

Registration can be completed on-line. We are continuing our special 15% discount for EEFC members (this is another great reason to join the EEFC!).

Students from past years have raved about their experiences at the Seminar. (You can read some of their comments on the website.)

Please share this information with your friends, and, we hope to see you this summer in Plovdiv.

Larry Weiner
International Program Coordinator
2009 Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
10206 Day Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Larry Weiner
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