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8 авг 2009 - 16 авг 2009

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Between 8-16/8/2009 a workshop on Greek Traditional Dances will be organized in Crete, half days at Almyrida/Chania and half days at Anogia/Rethymnon and we propose you to join it and enjoy real traditional Cretan Life, Dance Courses and Holidays !!!
CHANIA and RETHYMNON are the most beautiful areas of Crete, known for the typical old towns, the old Venetian ports and castles and the natural beauty. ALMYRIDA has a beautiful sandy beach awarded with blue flag and is in the middle of all the villages that organize festivities every night. ANOGIA is on the mountain of Psiloritis (Idaion Andron) that is characterized for the “wild” beauty, the alive Cretan spirit expressed in the daily life of the people, as it is also the birthplace of many Cretan Musicians as Nikos Xylouris, Psarandonis, Vassilis Skoulas, Nikiforos Aerakis. Joining the workshop you’ll realize what hospitality means, as also you’ll dance with Choreographers, really experts on their field of expertise!!!
Cretans’ hospitality and the traditional Cretan food & wine, will make your holidays very pleasant!
Location & Hotels 8-12/8/09: ALMYRIDA is a fishing village, has crystal clear waters, safe beaches awarded with blue flag, also home to water sports, diving and fishing. The hills with the olive trees and the mountain range of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), give to the area cool climate. The hotel is in the middle of all the villages that keep alive the Cretan tradition and organize festivities every night. The HOTEL: We’ll stay at ALMYRIDA BEACH RESORT, 4 stars, on the beach of the village (www.almyridabeach.com). The hotel provides rooms with A/C, SatTV, Fridge, Hairdryer, Bath, Radio, sea/mountain view balconies, as also bars, 3 swimming pools, bowling hall and Jacuzzi, Safe deposit box and Mini Bar at local charge. 12-16/8/09: ANOGIA, is one of the few mountain villages at Crete that keeps the real Cretan tradition in the daily life of the villagers. At 750m on the mountain of Psiloritis (Idaion Andron) were God Zeus was hidden by his mother IRA (we’ll also visit the famous cave), Anogia is alive day and night, as you’ll see people in the squares singing and drinking during the night! You’ll have the chance to buy hand made broidery & pieces of costumes, as also to taste Cretan specialties as the meat “ofto”, cooked in woods. The HOTEL: We’ll stay at MARINA HOTEL, 3 stars, in the centre of the village (www.marinahotelanogia.com). The rooms provide A/C, Kitchen, Fridge, Bath/Shower, mountain view balconie, as also provides breakfast to the group, but the lunch will be offered at the 4 stars HOTEL DELINA (www.delina.gr), where you can also join the facilities of Spa, Jacuzzi, indoor pool and have them in discounted costs. On the 16th,you’ll have the chance to participate in a Traditional Cretan Wedding!!
Pedagogy 3-6 hrs/day dancing lessons from Crete and Islands by Mary Markaki, Pontos by Nikos Zournatzidis as also Thrace, Macedonia, Cyprus dances and rest areas of Greece (rest teachers not determined yet). A Briefing on the traditional dances, music, costumes, customs etc. will be given by each choreographer, we’ll give emphasis to Cretan male/female “solos” and you’ll be surrounded by good dancers!
Activities During our stay at Almyrida, we’ll visit the Traditional Museum at Gavalochori and one evening we’ll visit the city and port of Chania. Leaving to Anogia, we’ll stop at the famous Sfentoni Cave & Museum, where are 87 Wax Statues from the history of Crete, as also the Nida’s Cave, where Zeus was hidden. Every night we’ll have the pleasure to dance at “panigiria”, join concerts of dance and music and have fun at the squares with villagers.
Cost is: 880/prsn in double room. Friends or family guests who will not attend the dance courses, could be with us everywhere and pay 650 Euros in double room and join all the workshop. Cost Includes: a. 9 days accommodation with half board (breakfast+1 meal) in the hotel b.Dance courses c.Two CDs, d.Transportation expenses from Almyrida to Anogia e. Sfendoni Cave & Museum entrance fee
Useful Infos ARRIVAL-Distances to ALMYRIDA: From Airports= Chania 27Km, Heraklion is 157 Km, Ports=Chania (Souda) 19Km,Rethymnon 25Km. DEPARTURE-Distances from ANOGIA: To Airports=Chania 113km, Heraclion 40m, Ports=Chania 105km, Rethymnon 55km, Heraklion 40km. Also, Bus service connection to main cities.
Taxi service can be arranged from/to the hotels or festivities to transfer you any time (charge on your own)
Registration Deadline IS… 1st June 2009! Beware, most of people visit Crete/Greece this specific period of August, so book flights & boat tickets before May, as later you’ll not find cheap fees. Ask agents for offers!
REGISTRATION to Mrs. Mary Markaki, marynaiads@hotmail.com, Tel.+30-6944 330486/+30-210 7786625

Mary Markaki

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