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An event of the ‘Gamza’ dance formation
19 February 2008

‘Gamza’ dance formation from the village of Novo selo will take part in the meeting of the inhabitants from Novo selo, which will take place in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia on 22 February 2008 from 7 pm. The meeting has been an annual event for 50 years.
‘Gamza’ dance formation to ‘Zemedelets’ cultural club in Novo selo, region of Vidin.
Zemedelets’ cultural club in Novo selo was found in 1874 and ‘Probuda’ cultural club at the village of Probuda was found in 1925. The dance ensembles from the two clubs are both very well known from their successful performance in the towns of Koprivshtitsa, Rojen, Varshets, Teteven, etc, as well as their friend-villages in Serbia and Roumania.
In 2006 in Vidn the two groups unite their abilities to take part in the Ethnofestival. This is how ‘Gamza’ dance formation was created. In 2007 they take part in the Second national meeting of CIOFF in the town of Montana, and in the concert called ‘Europe in the colours of variety’ in Vidin and in the village of Dzhuritsa in Roumania. The formation performs authentic horos form the region as well as choreographies. Milena Borissova is the choreographer of the dance called ‘Prosanachki danats’. The group’s leader is Andrey Dimitrov.

‘Gamza’ danse formation
Andrey Dimitrov
Novo selo
16 Pencho Slaveykov Str.
Mobile : 0886788049
Tel : 093162462

Translation: Vera Genova