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Bulgarian children sing and dance at the Belgrade Fair
17 December 2007

On 19 December the song group ‘Pastrenets Junior’ leave for a tour in Serbia together with ‘Severnyatsi’ dance ensemble. The formation will take part in the festival, running along with the Belgrade fair, which will be opened by the mayor of the Serbian capital. Their performance at the grand opening concert will be shown on Serbia’s National TV in live. Along with the concerts in the capital the folklore group from Montana will perform at Smolyanats, Pozharevats and Panchevo.

This would be the third joint tour abroad for the two ensembles this year. Singers of the folklore choir ‘Pastrenets’ were invited to the tours of the dance ensemble in Turkey, Italy and Croatia. Then ‘Pastrenets Junior’ made a gesture of friendship in return and invited the dancers to their tour in Serbia.

The invitation came from the president of the Serbian branch of the International Organization for Folklore IOV Milutin Lukich. He was amongst the honored guests at the International folklore festival ‘Montana 2007’, celebrated during the town’s day Sveti Duh.

Translation: Vera Genova