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Premiere of "Refugees" - Spectacle of Neshka Robeva
12 December 2007

Premiere of "Refugees" - Spectacle of Neshka Robeva

Neshka Robeva was born in the city of Ruse (Rousse) in 1946 and in 1966 graduated in Bulgarian dances at the State Choreography School. From 1966 to 1973 when was a national competitor in rhythmic gymnastics and graduated at the National Sports Academy in 1974. Ms Robeva has held several important positions including senior trainer of the National Rhythmic Gymnastics team. Her latest work, "Refugees", features the destiny of emigrants using a combination of Argentinean tango, Balkan, Armenian and Jewish rhythms.

A Buenos Aires restaurant was re-created on stage and here the dancers portrayed men in the arms of cheap beauties, under the influence of alcohol, men led by Fate and who overcame borders and times and returned to their native Balkans. Turks and Armenians are friends again, the Jewish are boisterous, Serbians are in Sumadija and the Bulgarians go to the wedding of a girl who was left behind waiting for her lover to return. And so on until Fate brings them back to reality. It was evident that meticulous preparation was put into these acts. The dancing was impeccable. Tango danced by man and woman and playfully by man and man; folklore combinations performed by men and women, the strength of the men clearly visible in the slow and quick movements and complemented by the lighter steps of the women. Graceful ballet movements blended in with this and all backed by the pulsing music of countries previously mentioned.

The strong beat of the tapan was often heard as well as the gaida and other Balkan instruments. Music bringing to mind pravo and daichovo horos was not left out and towards the end the dancers really showed their skilful mix of steps to music normally accompanying a women's Shoppian dance. Wonderful melodies of Argentinean tango, Armenian and Jewish music blended perfectly and the costumes were exquisite. When Neshka Robeva joined her dancers on stage at the end of this memorable show, all were given a well deserved ovation.

Anna Travali

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