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VII International Folklore Festival "Integration"
22 August 2007

From 13th to 20th August, 2007 the city of Poznan, Poland hosted the 7th International Folklore Festival "Integration" 2007.

This year participants in the festival were groups from 5 countries – Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, Bulgaria and Poland. The Bulgarian folklore was represented by student's folklore ensemble "Zornitsa", Sofia. The program of the festival included concerts and parades in four different towns – Leszno, Gniezno, Wronki and Poznan.

Every day of the festival was dedicated to a participating country, and in the evening this country represented their culture and customs to the other participants. Ensemble "Zornitsa" presented in short Bulgaria and showed the others their own interpretation of the festival "Integration" - the dancers and the musicians performed short fragments of the typical dances of each participating country in this year's festivals. At the end of the evening all the guests had the pleasure to taste traditional Bulgarian food and drinks.

On August 19 a small tournament of a traditional Polish game, volleyball like, took place. After very difficult games against the Ukraine and Palestine teams, the team of "Zornitsa" won the first place. On the next evening was the final concert and the closing of the festival in the centre of Poznan. The integration was represented in an interesting scenario, mixing the music, songs and dances of each participating country.