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Zornitsa Orchestra in Spotify
4 April 2022

You can now listen to more than 200 performances by the Zornitsa Orchestra on the Spotify music platform. This is for musical recordings of Bulgarian dances from different folklore regions.

Zornitsa Orchestra was founded in 1981 as part of the Students Folk Ensemble Zornitsa, Sofia, Bulgaria

Zornitsa Orchestra - Sofia was established by Mr. Emil Genov at the Zornitsa Student Folklore Ensemble. Over the years, various Bulgarian musicians have participated in the orchestra. From the beginning, the orchestra includes classical instruments: accordion, clarinet, trumpet, double bass, violin and drums.

Since 1995, the composition of the Zornitsa Orchestra consists of traditional Bulgarian musical instruments: kaval, gadoulka, gayda, tambura and tapan.

Since the first edition of the Balkanfolk Balkan Folk Songs, Music and Dance Seminar in 1997, the musicians from the Zornitsa Orchestra have also been teachers of Bulgarian folk instruments.

Zornitsa Orchestra has released more than 10 music CDs with Bulgarian folk dances and songs with producer Balkanfolk.