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Shiroka Luka Concert
24 April 2007

The 35th Anniversary Concert of the National School for Folklore Art took place in Sofia on April 23rd, 2007. It was a marvellous occasion with the students presenting music, singing and dancing from various regions of Bulgaria.

The concert opened with a "Holiday in Rhodope" theme, with many singers, dancers and musicians on the stage. Various items followed this - a soloist accompanied by 20 women and 2 men, singing without music, the purity of their voices was amazing. As were other soloists and the choir as a whole.

The audience was treated to songs such as "Sonyo sonyo", "Katerino mome" and "Moma Angelina".
The dancing was impeccable - "Pirinski dance", "Vlashki dance" and "Shopsko Dance" being my favourites.

Another concert will be held on May 12th at the School Hall in Shiroka Luka, Bulgaria.