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Sleeves for women's shirt from the region of Sofia and Graovo
8 May 2020

Balkanfolk Atelier has been sewing traditional Bulgarian costumes for over a decade now. What inspires us the most is the findings of tremendous embroideries in our grandmothers’ chests. We strive to recreate their beauty and keep the traditions.

Similarly to nowadays, in the past certain women did not have the necessary time and skills to recreate that beautiful embroidery and mostly relied on skilled embroiderers who sold their work on the market. Therefor we decided to offer you our richly embroidered sleeves (kapanitsi or svilenitsi), which you could quickly and easily sew yourself to your shirt.

Svilenitsa from Sofia Region - BF 521604 Svilenitsa from Sofia Region - BF 521603 Svilenitsa from Sofia Region - BF 521602 Kapanitsa from Graovo Region - BF 521601