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National annual ranking 2018 of Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation
1 July 2018

The publication of the dance videos for the National Annual Award of the Bulgarian Dance Arts Foundation began. National annual ranking The ranking covers all ensembles participating in the Folk Dance Panorama 2018. Ranking is based on committee evaluation and audience voting.

We publish the videos of the ensembles in the order of their participation in Folk Dance Panorama 2018

Ensemble Balkan, Sofia
AFE at AMDFA, Plovdiv
Folklore ensemble Sedenchotsa, Plovdiv
Folklore ensemble Slav boykin, Rakovski
Folklore ensemble Iglika, Plovdiv

AFE at Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts - "Igri v Shopluka"

Ensemble Sedenchitsa - "Trite pati"

Ensemble Slav Boykin - "Kopanitsa"

Ensemble Iglika - "Trakiiski ritmi"