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"Eremia" danced the merriest horo dance on "Thracian rosary" 2011
5 December 2011

The dancers of the youngest School for Bulgarian horo dances in Sofia amazed the judges and the spectators of one of the largest festivals of folk dances with an extensive amount of dancers on the stage who did two emotional and highly energetic horos. Over 80 people, aged 23-50 showed which is the merriest horo dance in Sofia obviously later to become the merriest horo dance in Pazardjik as well.

Although according to a consensus decision of the majority both leaders and dancers the School didn`t participate in the competition programme yet they won the hearts of the audience with the performance of Raka and Elenino horo dances. At the end of the 6-minute presentation the mood in the hall was bursting with applause and shouts of dancers that muffled the music. Immediately after the dance, the organizers of "Thracian rosary" 2011 presented a diploma to the School dance teacher Iskra Stoyanova while the audience awarded Eremia – the Happiest horo dance award.

The Eremians maintained a cheerful mood long before their official presentation as none of the dancers sat on the benches for a single moment. Nearly eighty of the school members danced for over 6 hours from the very beginning of the festival. Thanks to them the performance stage of "Thracian rosary" 2011 never seemed empty. Not minding whether 60 or 10 of the Eremian dancers were dancing the black shirts of the youngest school in Sofia were noticeable everywhere.

The participation of "Eremia" on the folklore festival was a surprise to the jury and a real trial for the management of the School as the group was consisted of more than 20 new dancers from the latest "yellow" group of the School that made its first steps in folk dances only a month ago. Massive support for them was initiated by the notorious studio for folk costumes "Balkanfolk" whose representatives duly sttod up by them for courage.

"Thracian rosary" is the last presentation of the School for Bulgarian Horos "Eremia" for 2011 - the year of establishment of the dance school. At present nearly 150 dedicated dancers works out to empower the slogan of the School "The merriest dance in Sofia". As of last week the newest orange group of the school opend up for people having spare time between 17:30 and 18:30 every Monday and Thursday. The new group gathers in 702A the Hall of Eremia in Mladost 1 right opposite the T-Market by the metro. For more information and pictures on the new group for beginners as well as the participation of "Eremia" on the "Thracian Rosary" 2011 please visit the official site of the School ( ) and fanpage in facebook (