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Folklore dance ensemble "Mladost" on International folklore festival PRAGUE 2011
10 November 2011

Before the days of the Prague School is back for the Bulgarian people and rachenitsi "Mladost", Sofia, who first showed their skills on the seventh International Folklore Festival Prague 2011.

In a very colorful event was attended by 59 groups from 16 countries, and for ensemble Youtube and it was the first ascent of the scene outside the home.

Amateurs and home horoigraltsi gathered strength and energy to recreate a brilliant lessons for two months and captured international dance audience. This first tour will be remembered not only for the fact that proshtapulnik on stage for dancing, but also because of the many memorable moments and events that the whole ensemble lived for a week.

Thank the people who made ‚Äč‚Äčthis tour a little pre-Christmas holiday and wish that this is only the beginning of a successful team:)