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8th International Competition-Festival for the Youth "Folklore Without Limits"
26 June 2008


The eighth International Competition-Festival for the Youth "Folklore without Limits" will be held from 20 to 26 June 2008 in the town of Dobritch and the seaside resort Albena, under the aegis of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria – Music and Dance Department.

The festival is an annual celebration of unique, eternal and ever various folklore traditions and a representative forum of singers, instrumentalists, choirs, orchestras and ensembles.

The success of its first editions framed the aims of the festival: find and support new talents, devoted to performing folklore art; stimulating the high professionalism and taste in art; motivate young performers and artists to preserve and develop the folklore traditions; keep the interest and tolerance to other national cultures in the times of globalization; to find new opportunities for development in the process of communication with different folklore cultures; become a venue of exchange of newly methodic in the modern education of folklore performers.
‘Folklore Without Limits’ has got two stages – festival and competition, starting from the authentic representation of traditions to the highly professional modern representation.

For contacts:
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9300 Dobritch
Tel./ Fax: ++359 58/ 605 710; 600166
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