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Boris’ Gardens – a stage for performance for the little on the day of Slavic alphabet and cultur
24 May 2008

More than 250 children will meet to compete for the children’s folklore celebration "Unforgettable childhood" on 24 May 2008 from 11 AM in Sofia, at the open-air stage at Boris’s Gardens. Old-times popular games will be represented, which used to be part of the routine of our grandfathers and grandmothers – "Catch Over", "Slaves", "Sack Race". They will compete for leadership at each of the games.
Along with the games there will be a drawing competition called "My Unforgettable Childhood" and, the final would be a short concert programme of the most favourite folklore dances for children.
The children’s folklore celebration is organized for th first time this year in the frames of the project Games of our children through the eyes of our predesestors by the "Ensemble Zornitsa", in association with Folklore-BG. The initiative is part of the programme "Living Heritage 2008" by Workshop For Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF) and Eurofootball. The festivity is organized thanks to Sofia Municipality and the aim is to make it an annual event.


Children’s dance ensemble Zornitsa, Sofia
Children’s Dance school Sredets, Sofia
Children’s dance ensemble ‘Chinarche’ at ‘Hristo Botev’ Cultural club in Kazichene
Children’s dance ensemble "Mladost", town of Montana
Bulgarian folklore dances school "Stoyanovi" from the town of Montana
Children’s dance ensemble "Kremikovche" at "Setlina" Cultural club in Kremikovtsi
102nd "Panayot Volov" school, "Nadezhda 5" quarter
"Balkan" dance ensemble at "Tsar Boris III" Cultural center

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