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‘Crossroads’ – a Premiere of the Philip Koutev Ensemble
10 May 2008

On 26 May 2008 Philip Koutev national folklore ensemble will perform the premiere spectacle ‘Crossroads’ in the frames of the 13th Salon des Arts at the National Palace of Culture – Sofia, Bulgaria.

One of the most ancient music institutions, the ‘Philip Koutev’ ensemble will perform for the first time a not traditional music-dance spectacle called ‘Crossroads’. The audience will have the chance to see the popular formation into new light. On the stage of Hall 1, the talented dancers and musicians from the ensemble will prove that Bulgarian folklore could be interpreted in a modern way and represent great thrill, feelings and conditions, typical for the Balkan soul.

The authors of the spectacle are the composer George Andreev and the choreographer Ivaylo Ivanov, soloists – Nelly Andreeva and Tyanka Ivanova. The emphasis of the show is on the common roots of Balkan cultures and the enormous diversity of distant influence over them during the centuries. By the means of the dances and music the spectacle reproduces emotions and passions, typical for Balkan people.

‘Crossroads’ relies on ideas of twisted genre, stylistic and cultural-layers. The music for the spectacle is an attractive and modern vision of tradition, compounding performances of a symphonic and a traditional orchestra with typical vocals of folklore singers. The extremely expressive dynamic and lyrical dances and, the artists wearing designed costumes, suggest the bright sensibility of the Balkan soul. The act takes place before multimedia pictures, which exalts the inspiration of the music and the dance.

To realize the project, the director of national folklore ensemble ‘Philip Koutev’, Prof. Elena Kouteva, works along with Sylvia Music Company. The team work of the producers and the ensemble results in a magnificent show, which brings us back to our roots and in the same time stands as modern and actual. The show in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia will be the start of the international tour of the ‘Philip Koutev’ ensemble. ‘Crossroads’ will be performed in Japan and many European countries as well.

Tickets for the show are being sold at NDK (national Palace of Culture) and online at and Ticketstream. The price is 8,10, 15 or 20 leva. The biggest fans of folklore are offered tickets for 30 leva.

For details: Sylvia Music Company – tel: 0888 141 408 Public Relations – tel: 481 95 82; 0888 330 990