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Children smiles lighten up a Cultural Club in Mladost 1, Sofia
5 March 2008

Extremely happy mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers applauded the very first stage performance of the little dancers at Zornitsa Children’s Dance Ensemble. The occasion was the first anniversary of the group and it occurred thanks to the ambitious kids and of course due to the hard work of the young choreographer Ivaylo Parvanov, together with his assistant Dessislava Ivanova and the musician Ivaylo Kirov. Their performance reflected their desire to learn Bulgarian songs and rhythms, being accompanied by numerous curious questions through the whole year. As a matter of fact, the love to Bulgarian folklore revives, considering that a year ago there were only two children at Zornitsa Children’s folklore ensemble, amounting at 25 dancers today.

The programme included:
Exercise ‘Class”
Classical exercise
‘Stani, stani, Todore’ – a folklore song sung by Michael and Ati
‘Haide na horoto’
‘Myatalo Lenche yabalka’ – a folklore song sung by Simona
‘Children's dances’

Despite being so small, the hall at ‘Mladost’ cultural club in Sofia, gathered the astonishing applaud of all those who wanted to take delight in seeing the art of the rising generation.

English translation: Vera Genova