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Footnotes Magazine
Footnotes Magazine

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Footnotes Magazine
28 November 2007 - The World

An excellent source of information pertaining to all aspects of folklore is the Folk Dance Australia newsletter "Footnotes". This is a bi-monthly publication and here you may read about festivals, workshops and concerts held worldwide. As well, dance techniques, singing, costumes, musical instruments, music etc. are featured in "Footnotes". The Dates for your Diary section gives news of forthcoming events within Australia and overseas.

There are wonderful articles on various cultures, their traditions and history, thereby expanding our education. Each publication has diverse and interesting news ranging from information relating to the International Dance Council (CID), to issues for discussion at congresses on Dance Research.

Much is written about folklore in many countries - Australia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine - and other places. In-depth information is passed on. Sometimes details of specific dances are given; rhythms of music explained and notes about costumes are included. Pieces written by people who have experienced folklore in countries other than their own and share their experiences with us are of particular interest. The newsletter embraces many subjects.

To find out more, visit FDA website:
www.folkdanceaustralia.org  or  www.folkdanceaustralia.org.au

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Anna Travali

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