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There is a magic - Polyantsi Dance Club
There is a magic - Polyantsi Dance Club

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There is a magic - Polyantsi Dance Club
4 September 2020 - Petkovo, Municipality of Elin Pelin, Bulgaria

There is a magic which has conserved the ancient spirit in our lands, which has kept us together as a nation during the dark days in our millenary history. A magic which is still alive today – the magic of the Bulgarian folklore. Even today – in the era of technologies, when the hours flies as a minutes, we work a lot but we don’t have enough time to walk, to relax and even to realize how fast the time flies and how this is taking away from us the opportunity to have fun and feel alive! Recently more and more people are looking back to the past in a search for our roots just to rediscover the richness of Bulgarian folk dances.

In Polyantsi Dance Club, village of Petkovo, together, hand in hand, are various people – with different professions, interests, age and so on, but the most important is what keeps them together – the love and the passion for dancing, and what is more the love of Bulgarian folklore dances.

The dance club was set up on 11.07.2011 by Mariana Nikolova and Tsvetelina Pavlova, who was led from their love and commitment for every Bulgarian tradition. Together they created the big family of “Polyantsi”- young and not so young members which are fighting for keeping the Bulgarian traditions alive! Even from the opening of the club the interest was amazing and not a long time after that the members reached 50! Together with strength, passion and desire they turned into a professional dancers.

Soon after the foundation of the Polyantsi Dance Club begins it’s performances and actively participates in numerous festivals throughout the country and even abroad!

On 26.11.2011 the Dance Club takes part in the national festival of dance folklore “Trakiiska broenitsa” and a year later on 24.11.2012 “Polyantsi” visits Pazardzik again and delights the audience again. A few years later the club takes part in “Velikdensko nadigravane”, and on 27.04.2014 wins third place in the national folklore festival “Shopski naniz” in Kostinbrod. A year later the dancers depart for Macedonia to take part in the festival “Razigrano horo” in Ohrid! Over the years the dancers travel a lot across the country – Velingrad, Samokov, Pleven, Sandanski and many more, where they delight the audience with their stunning performances. In 2018 they took part in international folklore festival in Greece! Nowadays Polyantsi Dance Club enjoys numerous invitations to participate and has a very pleased audience.

On behalf of all the dancers, the club wants to express its great gratitude to Balkanfolk Atelier, who made the wonderful folk costumes with which Polyantsi Dance Club delights its audience!

Polyantsi Dance Club - Facebook

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