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1st National Folk Subor “Angel Krastev”
1st National Folk Subor “Angel Krastev”

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1st National Folk Subor “Angel Krastev”
15 August 2014 - Yambol, Bulgaria - October 17-19, 2014

1st National Folk Subor “Angel Krûstev” Competition of Tûpan Players who are soloists or members of folk groups In the village of Kabile, Tundzha municipality
(Near the city of Yambol, Bulgaria) October 17-19, 2014

Angel Krûstev was born and raised in Yambol. He learned to play tûpan from village masters and as a child participated in many music festivals. In high school he formed a popular bitov band that was much in demand for festivals, weddings, and other public events. He was a soloist with the Yambol Ensemble, toured with the Kabile Folk Band, and taught tûpan both in and outside of Bulgaria. Angel passed away a few years ago, and is fondly remembered by those who knew him. This new folk subor is named in his honor.

This festival/subor is presented with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.
Special guests at the competition - Asen Musov and Larry Weiner Goal / Purpose:
To popularize Bulgarian folk music and in particular, the tûpan – one of the most widespread instruments in all the folk regions of Bulgaria. To demonstrate the mastery of the performers on tûpan and to offer them a chance to show themselves as a soloist and as an “accompanying” instrumentlist in folk groups.
To provide a venue for talented performers in the discipline of the Bulgarian instrumental arts with the goal of preserving and enriching Bulgarian folk culture.

1. General conditions
1.1. Participation is open to all performers on tûpan – individually or together with the groups they play in (whether chamber groups, groups of a single instrument [tûpan], groups of a variety of instruments, wedding bands, groups that play for dance groups or ensembles, etc.)
1.2. The tûpan players will take part individually or with their ensembles in a self-contained program of up to 15 minutes, in which they include at least 3 tunes, each having a different rhythm.
1.3. Age groups:
Group I - up to age 25
Group ІІ - above age 25
Note: Group is determined by the age of the participant on the closing date of the festival in the particular year.
1.4. Prizes / awards:

The big prize (winner) of the festival – a tûpan
A 1st prize for the winners in each age group – document and a memento
A 2nd prize for the winners in each age group – document and a memento
A 3rd prize for the winners in each age group - document and a memento
Certificate and memento for each tûpan-playing participant
Certificate for participating groups
1.5. Jury:
President: Stoyan Yankulov – “Stundzhi”
Members: Mitko Popov and Todor Maslinkov
The jury will evaluate how the tûpan contestants perform as members of the group/ensemble they play with and how they perform as a soloist in their group. If a tûpan player competes as a performer in more than one group/ensemble, their pieces must be in different “razmeri” (rhythms).
1.6. Applications for participation:
1.6.1. Applications must be received by October 4, 2014 by e-mail: sabortapan@abv.bg; or at the address: The “Angel Krûstev” National Fok Subor – Tûpan Competiion – for soloists and members of folk groups, “Osvobozhdenie” Square No. 1, 8600 Yambol, obsht. Tundzha, obl. Yambol, Bulgaria)
1.6.2. The application should include the name and age of the tûpan player, name of the group/ensemble, and the hometown of the group/ensemble and its institution (for example, a cultural center, etc.).
1.6.3. The application should include the titles of the tunes that the group will perform, the author of the music (if any), and the total length of the performance.
Applications received later than the deadline will not be considered. 1.7. The order of appearance in the contest will be determined by the organizers and that list together with the program for the subor will be posted on the website of the Tundzha municipality at http://www.tundzha.net/ by October 12, 2014.
1.8. Location of the festival – the main square of the village of Kabile, Tundzha municipality.
2. Practical rules
2.1. There is no limit to the number of members of the group in which the tûpan player will compete.
2.2. Individual performers, i.e. tûpan soloists, who don’t belong to a group/ensemble, may participate in the contest with an orchestra arranged by the organizers.
2.3. Travel, housing and food are the responsibility of the participants.
2.4. Groups/ensembles and tûpan contestants must present themselves in Kabile village no later than 1 hour before their scheduled on-stage appearance.
2.5. It is recommended that the participants wear folk costumes or that their clothing have folk elements.

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