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Get to know the dance - January 2021
15 January 2021

Guess the name, time and region of the dance and win an embroidered shirt.

Balkanfolk launches the monthly music game "Guess the dance!" For all lovers of Bulgarian folk dances and music.

Every month we offer you the music of a Bulgarian dance, which you should know by choosing the correct answer from 5 possible ones.

Those who know the correct answer and share the video on their wall on their Facebook profile will have the opportunity to win an embroidered shirt.

The game takes place in the Facebook group "Guess the dance" -

Participation in the game:
1. Join the Facebook group "Guess the dance" „Guess the dance“
2. Share the video on your Facebook profile.
3. Choose the correct answer from the 5 options offered.

Within one week after the end of the respective month, one of the people who knew the correct answer and shared the video will be chosen by lot, which will be announced in the group.

The prize can be received in our office or with delivery by E-cont. Delivery to Bulgaria is free.

Good luck!