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Folk Dance Ensemble “Balkan” presents bulgarian culture in Russia
31 July 2015

Between 03/09 – 12/09/2015, the Folk Dance Ensemble “Balkan” at Community Center “Tzar Boris III – 1928″, Sofia, with art director Kiril Chirpanliev will take part in the International Folklore Festival “Golden ring”, which is held in the city of Moskow and Vladimir district, Russia.

The festival is an established forum for intercultural exchange and establishing lasting contacts and relations between the attending folklore ensembles. Artists from dozens of countries over the years represent the cultural richness of the world, helping to keep the folk traditions and the start of friendly relations among nations.

To receive this invitation ensemble “Balkan” was part of a selection process and was selected in competition with established folklore ensembles from all over Bulgaria. Our country will be represented by a group of 25 artists from 16 to 51 years old – professional musicians and dancers.

The program will include dances from all ethnographic regions in order to reveal the uniqueness and diversity of Bulgarian folklore. Besides participation in the concerts, the ensemble will participate in all related activities – friendly meetings and exchanges, television programs, pressconferences, street processions (defiles), exhibitions, meetings of choreographers, conductors and organizers. An important attention in the p rogram of the festival is paid to the activities of the audience with Bulgarian folk dances – kids and adults, in which will take part the whole ensemble.

The project “Participation of ensemble ”Balkan“ at the International Folklore Festival in Russia” is co-financed by the municipality program “Culture” 2015 of Sofia Municipality.