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Concert of Turquoise Turkish folk group
24 June 2006

The concert presented by Istanbul Turquoise Tourism Folklore Assn. was excellent. It was held in the Caddebostan Convention/Culture Centre on June 24th, 2006 in Kadikoy municipality on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey.

The art directors/choreographers, Ayhan and Gulcin Uncuoglu, put together a show which was truly remarkable. The 38 dancers, wearing beautiful traditional costumes were very skilful in displaying their dance step techniques, synchronization, emotions connected to the music and choreography and, in fact, everything that blends to make such a production an outstanding success.

Turkey has been home to a rich variety of culture for thousands of years and lifestyles of the different people and influences of the geographical surroundings, from the mountains to the sea, were revealed in the dances and music. From their large repertoire, the dances performed from different areas were:
- Izmir
- Van - Eastern
- Silifke - Southern
- Hakkari - Eastern
- Artvin - Black Sea
- Trabzon - Black Sea
- Adiyaman - South East
- Mus - South East
- Tokat Semahi - Northern
- Potbori

Istanbul Turquoise Tourism Folklore Assn. was founded in 2001 and in 2004 was accepted as a member of CID-UNESCO (international dance council). The group has participated in international folklore festivals in Greece (twice), France and Czech Republic. Before 2001, it's founders and dancers attended many conferences and festivals in France, Finland, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Taiwan and Japan.

As well, in 2003, Ayhan and Gulcin Uncuoglu taught Turkish folk dances at a workshop in Bulgaria. It is organised by Balkanfolk organisation every summer for people from around the world who come from as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Israel and Europe. The professionalism of Ayhan and Gulcin's method of teaching is reflected in the dancing.

Istanbul is a vast, exciting, vibrant and colourful city. With it's wonderful historic sites, Sultanahmet area, Grand Bazaar and endless other attractions on the European shore, and beautiful leafy suburbs and locations in Anatolia (Asian shore); with the Bosphorous strait, islands in the Sea of Marmara etc.etc. it is a fabulous place to watch a concert in which dances portraying cultures of the people from many different regions of Turkey, are presented. It was indeed a magical concert!