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Ingranka Dance Ensemble
22 November 2010

We are ex-folkdancers from Bulgaria, with many years of experience in both authentic and choreographed folk dancing. We launched the Igranka Group in Nov.

2004 as a school for folkdances from the entire Bulgaria. It caters to both beginner's and advanced level dancers from all ages. Every class with us is a festive event – we dance with a lot of passion, no breaks, and the atmosphere is great! Classes are held throughout the year and you can come whenever it is convenient for you, or even only for a few times so as to learn the horos you desire. We also run two children’s groups: one at St. Troitsa Church, Toronto, the other – at St. Dimitar in Brampton.

We offer workshops and private tuition in dances from all Balkan countries. Our representative group has performed at various festive events like national holiday celebrations, church functions, weddings, birthdays, and private parties. We would love to see you in the horo with us!

Katya, Nedyalko and Zlatina Igranka founders and instructors