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Ivan Todorov's Anniversary
28 February 2006

The anniversary concert celebrating the 80th birthday of choreographer Mr. Ivan Todorov was held at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria, on February 24th. Mr. Todorov is the principal Art Director of the Students House in Sofia. He holds many awards and is a member of CIOFF (organisation for folklore festivals)-National sector. Mr. Todorov is an example of professionalism and is devoted to Bulgarian folklore traditions and culture.
The lights in the theatre dimmed. The stage was in total darkness and the audience sat breathless with an air of expectation. Suddenly the stage lit up and the sight of women from Academic Folklore Ensemble, dressed in green and yellow costumes ready to perform a dance from Kazanluk, was beautiful. Thus commenced this heterogeneous concert.

The following performances were just as spectacular:
Academic Folklore Ensemble performed Rozite (women's dance "Rose").
Zornitsa Folklore Ensemble, Sofia, presented Trakiyski Tantsi (men's Thracian dance).
Vratista Folklore Ensemble, Vratsa, had seven singers and dancers showing a Shoppian dance.
There was a ballet segment from the National Opera and Ballet, Sofia-Classical section.
Boys from the National School for Ballet-Folklore section, Sofia,performed dances from Dobrudza.
Zdravets Folklore Ensemble, Sofia, danced Severnyashki.
The Bistritsa Grannies (8 women) sang and danced pravo.
Academic Folklore Ensemble performed Zhenski Shopski (women's Shoppian dance.
Folk musicians and singers took part, including those from Stara Zagora, and also pop singer Nina Nikolina.
The concert concluded with Zagore professional folklore ensemble of Stara Zagaro performing Thracian dances.

As befits a man of his stature with many years experience, Mr. Todorov received numerous accolades and it seems certain that this excellent concert, showing skilful dancers, singers and musicians, and gorgeous costumes, will have impressed him as much as it did the audience.

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