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010115 - Mladen Koynarov - Voice of the Rhodopes
Artist: Mladen Koynarov
Label: Gega New
Year: 2007

Price: €10.00 €7.00
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The CD Voice of the Rhodopes includes 19 Bulgarian folk songs from Rhodopa Region performed by Bulgarian folk singer Mladen Koynarov.

The Rhodope Mountains has been the birth place of many Bulgarian singers and musicians. The specific songs of the region and the unusual pentatonic, which are not characteristic for other folk regions in the country, as well as the typical kaba (low-tone) gaida make the music of the Rhodopes a unique sound palette. Mladen Koynarov’s songs introduce an additional richness to its colours. Born in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, in the village of Oryahovets in the Smolyan district, Mladen Koynarov began his artistic career as a soloist in a concert group (1966), and in 1970 he won a position in the “Rhodopa” State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances in Smolyan. To this day he is a soloist with this ensemble. He has personally uncovered and learned over 350 folk songs of the central Rhodopes, some of which were released on LPs. He has also recorded over 70 songs for Bulgarian National Radio and participated on more than 140 television programs. In 1978 he received the second prize in the Prix de Folklore competition of Radio Bratislava, and he is also the recipient of the Silver Lyre (1995) and Golden Lyre (1998) awards of the Union of Bulgarian Music and Dance Professionals. The singer passes his experience and skill on to the young people. In 2000 he founded a school for folk singing in Smolayn. His students are laureates of regional and national competitions and festivals. (GD 321)

1 Bre Ivane, bre chobane 6'52"   Mp3 Sample                  
2 Devoiko, mari hubava 1'54"   Mp3 Sample                  
3 Dobre ta vidyah, yunache 3'13"   Mp3 Sample                  
4 Zagalil beh, zamalil beh 3'04"   Mp3 Sample                  
5 Kitka ti viya, yunache 1'35"   Mp3 Sample                  
6 Leilinko, kuzum pilentse 2'33"   Mp3 Sample                  
7 Male, stara maichinku 2'54"   Mp3 Sample                  
8 Mela i Rada dvorove 1'37"   Mp3 Sample                  
9 Mesechinko lyo, greilivka 1'59"   Mp3 Sample                  
10 Mome, mome, malkai mome 2'31"   Mp3 Sample                  
11 Mari momiche 4'09"   Mp3 Sample                  
12 Sluntse se sbira 3'35"   Mp3 Sample                  
13 Pukni se, tresni, momina maiko 2'29"   Mp3 Sample                  
14 Rada Stoyanu vikashe 4'36"   Mp3 Sample                  
15 Sin mi si plamen naklala 4'18"   Mp3 Sample                  
16 Stopilo mi e pilyantse 5'30"   Mp3 Sample                  
17 Momichentse malo 2'08"   Mp3 Sample                  
18 Ta chuli li ste, ne li ste 2'08"   Mp3 Sample                  
19 Hodi li, Sevdo, po selo 2'48"   Mp3 Sample                  

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