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Dobra Savova releases new CD with folk songs from Dobrudzha region
Dobra Savova releases new CD with folk songs from Dobrudzha region

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Dobra Savova releases new CD with folk songs from Dobrudzha region
20 August 2007 - Sofia, Bulgaria

The Gega New Publishers released a new album (Esen se zaesenyava - Dobrudja Folk Songs) with songs performed by folk singer Dobra Savova, who has one of the most beautiful voices in the region of Dobrudzha, Northeastern Bulgaria. Dobrudzha is called the granary of Bulgaria. Many of the famous Bulgarian folk singers were born in that region: Verka Siderova, Kalinka Vulcheva, Eva Georgieva, Sonya Kuncheva.
“My entire repertoire is from my native village,” she says. Every one in her family had a gift for music. Her father for example wrote his own verse and set it to music.

Dobra Savova had her first encounter with the real audience in 1950.
“I remember I was participating in an amateur singing contest in Dobrich,” the singer says. “I was very happy because the judging panel had noticed me, and gave me a note to audition for Radio Varna. I recorded four of my songs, but I was unable to quit my village and leave my family behind. But in a few years’ time I returned to Varna and joined the radio station’s choir.”

The singer has in her repertoire a song for every occasion and family holiday.

“We used to sing a lot in the past. Those of the people from my village who married their first loves adore going back to old times; those who did not feel nostalgia for my songs nevertheless love listening to them over and over again. I set up my own folklore group in the village of Klementovo near Varna,’ Dobra Savova explains.

Dobra Savova has recorded with the Bulgarian National Radio, the Balkanton label and the Bulgarian National Television. Her clear voice and the lightness of her singing have merited her a special place in the treasury of Dobrudhza folklore.

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Boris Dimitrov

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