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The fifth Annual Folklore Awards were held in Divotino
The fifth Annual Folklore Awards were held in Divotino

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The fifth Annual Folklore Awards were held in Divotino
20 September 2022 - Divotino, Region Pernik, Bulgaria

The annual folklore awards with respect to the notable names of our music and dance tradition.

On September 17, in the spirit of the holiday of Faith, Hope, Love, related to our folklore, the village of Divotino, Perniško hosted the fifth consecutive Annual Folklore Awards - 2022. This year, the famous Graovo singer Slavka Sekutova and the great folklorist Prof. Georg Kraev were honored in their ranking. Both left deep traces in musical and scientific folklore. The song path of our vocal singer from Graovo passes through the ranks of the DFA "F.Kutev", numerous tours around the country with the folklore group "Nasha pesen", together with her famous colleagues - Lalka Pavlova, Ika Stoyanova, Radka Kushleva, Boris Mashalov and many others.

The idea for the Annual Folklore Awards was first realized in 2014 and with a short break they are held every year in different cities to remind and resurrect the mastery of the famous performers of our music-dance culture.

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Boris Dimitrov

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