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Children’s Dance Ensemble “Eremia” - Sofia
Children’s Dance Ensemble “Eremia” - Sofia

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Children’s Dance Ensemble “Eremia” - Sofia
10 September 2013 - Folk Centre “Vetrenata melnica”, “Mladost 3”, Sofia

Children’s dance ensemble “Eremia” first opened its doors in 2013, just next to the exit of the Subway station “Aleksandar Malinov”, which was still under construction by that time, and approximately 5 minutes away walking from the Subway station “Mladost 3”.

Founder and main art director of the ensemble is Ivaylo Georgiev. It’s been a long and hard road we’ve been through so that the Children’s dance ensemble “Eremia” can start its activity but supported from our true friends and colleagues we managed to make it happen!

CDE “Eremia” will receive the first small dancers on 16th of September, between the hours of 18h - 20h, in its brand new hall full of facilities not only for the children but for their parents and grandparents as well, who will accompany them. Located in the huge folk centre “Vetrenata melnica” (“The Windmill”), on a surface of more than 400m2, the children’s hall has a lot of space and a special ventilation system, which will provide fresh air constantly, and which is decorated in a way no child will have patience to visit it. The centre has two changing rooms available, which are as cosy as the hall itself.

Assigned in three age groups, between 4 and 12 years, the small dancers will be trained going through special exercises and with methods, corresponding to their age group. The purpose is to develop children’s movement skills and their musical ear, as well as to acquire and improve their dancing techniques.

And who will teach them to all this?
Instructors in the children’s ensemble are Raya Tosheva (sis Raya) and Ivaylo Georgiev, who is also a co-repetiteur. Dancing since childhood, first in her home town Omurtag and after that in Sofia, as part of the Academic Folk Ensemble and later on of the Student’s ensemble “Zornitza”, sis Raya has a lot of experience and what is more important – she has a secret how to teach your children to love the Bulgarian folklore … and her secret is that she will do that with a lot of love. Ivaylo Georgiev will be playing the accordion – he used to dance for a long time in the Student’s ensemble “Zornitza” and is now the main art director of the school for hora dance “Eremia” and folk formation “Eremia”.

And what would the parents and grandparents do during the classes of the children? They can also dance or just have a break 

The folk centre “Vetrenata melnica” has one more huge hall at its disposal, in which the classes of The school for Bulgarian national hora dance “Eremia” take place and you are more than welcome to join your children for a dance.
And whoever wants to have a break may relax on the couches which are between the two halls, watching TV or surfing in the net (we have a TV and Wi-Fi at your disposal).

The Children’s dance ensemble “Eremia” owns a lot to the directors in The school for Bulgarian national hora dance “Eremia” – Iskra Stoyanova and Rossen Donchev who will also help the children!

To contact us, please give us a call at +359 889 933 848 – Ivaylo Georgiev

More information is available at http://www.eremia.bg/ and on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/detsata.eremia.bg


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Boris Dimitrov

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