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Photos of Bulgarian Folk Costumes
15 March 2013

Photos of Bulgarian folk costumes made in the studio for traditional costumes of Balkanfolk. The Atelie produces children, male and female costumes from different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. The costumes are made in sizes of customers. Prices of different costumes you can see the official website of the studio Balkanfolk.com

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Short embroidered jacket from Bulgaria Bulgarian costume from Yambol Region Traditional costume from Debar - Balkanfolk atelie Severniashki traditional costume, Vidin, Bulgaria Bulgarian traditional costume from Strandja (Tronski) Bulgarian costume from Strandja (strandjanska nosia) Ihtimanska nosia Litak - Bulgarian Women's Costume Macedonian costume from Prilep Women's costume from Northern Bulgaria (severnyashka nosia) Litak - Children's costume Kyustendilska saya Saya - Bulgarian women costume Child’s apron of Mysia Children's folk costume from Thrace - Bulgaria Children's folk costume from Bulgaria Kids Costumes - Severniashki Short shopian female shirts Bulgarian Costume from Region of Dobrudja - Silistra Macedonian Men's Costume - Aegean Apron - Dobrujanska Thracian costume Apron for saya - Shopska Bulgarian embroidered shirt - Vidinska Bulgarian embroidered shirt - Sofia region (shopska) Embroidered shirt - Central Northern Bulgaria Women's shirt from Region of Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria

Short embroidered jacket from Bulgaria

Short embroidered jacket from Bulgaria
05.10.2012, Борис Димитров
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    Folk Costumes

    Folk Costumes
    Bulgarian Folk Costumes

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