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Festival international "Macedonia Folk"

La municipalité de Blagoevgrad, sous le patronage du maire de Blagoevgrad Lazar Prichkapov, a organisé la deuxième édition du festival international Macedonia Folk du 21 au 24 septembre 2006.

Le festival est une compétition de quatre catégories.

Plus que 400 groupes et interprètes différents ont participé au festival. Ils ont tous représenté leurs qualifications artistiques sur les trois scènes: dans le secteur de Bachinovo, sur lq scène du théâtre en plein air dans le quartier de Varosha et sur la place de George Izmirliev.

24 Septembre 2006 - Blagoevgrad, Bulgarie
Boris Dimitrov
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Balkanalia – Stage de danses et musique des Balkans

La dixième édition de Balkanalia a été tenue cette année du 24 au 27 août dans le camp Angelos, près de Portland, Etats-Unis.

C'était une réunion incroyable de trois jours pour des campeurs, des musiciens, des danseurs et des chanteurs dans l'atmosphère idyllique du camp Angelos, une manière superbe de partager leur amour de la musique et des danses balkaniques.

Apres la reussite de l’année derniere, un cours spécial educatif des danses de base a été offert la soirée. Les stages de danse et chant étaient accessibles aux débutants

1 Septembre 2006 - Camp Angelos, Portland, Etats-Unis
Vera Genova
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Guča - the most popular Balkan brass bands music festival in Serbia

The village of Guca in the Dragacevo district, peaceful and colorful part of western Serbia, has gained world fame owing to its Assembly of Trumpet Players, the largest trumpet event on the planet.

About 500,000 people of varying ages visit every year the Festival in Guca. Among the foreign visitors there have been individuals from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Macedonia, USA.

6 Août 2006 - Guča, Serbia
Balkanfolk site
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CD на Янка Рупкина, Манол Михайлов и оркестър Балкан Транзит - Дания

Българският музикален фолклор има много приятели по света. Те създават групи и разучават български песни и танци. Музикална къща „Гега Ню” вече представи един такъв състав – оркестър „Тополово” от Франция (GD 148). Продължаваме с още една група – БАЛКАН ТРАНЗИТ от Дания. Групата е основана през 1988 г. в гр. Аархус. Петимата музиканти с голяма любов и старание изучават български песни и мелодии, а от 1993 г. работят с Янка Рупкина, Манол Михайлов и кавалджията Стоян Величков.

7 Juillet 2006 - София, България
Gega New
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Concert of Turquoise Turkish folk group

Each year Turquoise presents a colourful concert in the convention/culture centre in Kadikoy, Asian side of Istanbul. The group consists of 38 skilful dancers and is under the direction of art directors/choreographers Ayhan and Gulcin Uncuoglu.

24 Juin 2006 - Istanbul
Anna Travali
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A Village Fair at Lilkovo

A big fair was held on 3 June 2006 in the Rhodope village of Lilkovo. The gathering started as of the early morning and went on until late evening. Two bands had the important role of entertaining the people – Brestovitsa, led by the clarinet player Yashko Argirov and, Slavcho Angelov’s band from Brestovitsa called Slavey.

5 Juin 2006 - Lilkovo, Bulgaria
Anton Gardev
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International Folklore Festival “Bojurite“ (Peonies)

For years on this area takes place the International Folklore festival "Bojurite", in which have participated folklore ensembles from Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Rumania, Sweden and Bulgaria.

In the 2004 edition of the International Folklore festival Bojurite took part ensembles from Rumania and Macedonia, as well as the municipalities, that have participated in the earlier editions.

1 Juin 2006 - Kubrat, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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St. Lazarus’ Day Concert of Zornitsa Ensemble

The Saturday before Palm Sunday, a week before Easter, is Lazaritza. In Bulgarian folklore, Lazarus carries an axe аnd the elderly believe he is the master of timber and bushes and helps people clear them so the land can be used for ploughing and planting.
St. Lazarus’ Day is also connected with 'lazarouvane', an old spring ritual for young girls who dance, sing and dress in wedding costumes.

This year St. Lazarus’ Day fell on 15th April and Zornitsa folklore ensemble, Sofia, traveled to the nearby township of Pernik where they had been invited to present a concert.

15 Avril 2006 - Pernik, Bulgaria
Anna Travali
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41st anniversary Spring Festival

This year's 41st anniversary Spring Festival will be headlined by superstar folk singer coming directly from Bulgaria, the renowned IVAN DYAKOV, as well as other top artists who will perform and teach traditional music, dance, and culture from every corner of the Balkans, including Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian, Rrom (formerly known as Gypsy), Serbian, and Turkish genres. All events will take place at the International House, 1414 E. 59th Street, Chicago. The Spring Festival will begin 8pm, Friday, March 17, 2006, and conclude 5pm, Sunday, March 19, 2006, and artists and enthusiasts are coming from Bulgaria, New York, California, Seattle, Canada, and all points between.

14 Mars 2006 - Chicago, USA
John Kuo
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"Zlatoprystia from Strandja" (The Goldfingered from Strandja)

On the 2nd of March 2006, in the Filip Kutev hall, in the The Union of Bulgarian Composers, was presented the book “Zlatoprystia from Strandja” by Mihail Bukureshliev, who described the life and the work of his friend and famous kaval-player Stoyan Velichkov.

On the presentation, in Stoyan Velichkov’s honor the Orchestra for Folklore Music to the Bulgarian National Radio performed three pieces. The concert finished with a performance of Folklore Formation “Stefan Kynev”, who, under the guidance of their choir-master Mihail Bukureshliev, have performed the songs, arranged by Stefan Kynev “Nedo, biala Nedo”(Nedo, white Nedo), “Ia chujte, chijte (Listen, Listen), and “Gankino horo”.

2 Mars 2006 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Ema Konova
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