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Festival Internazionale del Folklore
5 Aug 2009 - 9 Aug 2009

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Festival Internazionale del Folklore

The Festival will be held in July, from august 5th august 9th (Probab.), in the city of Palagianello, The Festival will carry out a Village too in which every group will show its own peculiarity, its traditions, its customs, its craft works and its gastronomy.
• formula: cultural exchange
• Max 25 Participants including musicians & chaperons.
• Age: min 17 years.
• Arrive in Palagianello at the 14 a.m (5 august).
• Departure 10 august (morning)
• The group shall be responsible for Travel, Health insurance
• Show duration:
o 45 minutes max(which can be performed in smaller duration)
o Gala Show (15 minutes)
o Parade - 2
• Stage size: 10 x 6 m.
• Board and lodging: we will provide board and lodging for all the festival period at the Hotel ( at 6 Km to Palagianello)
- VERY IMPORTANT: It is important to bring live music with a live orchestra;
- VERY IMPORTANT: The group must bring manufactured articles of its local craftsmanship: the Festival will realize an art exhibition of your town or country, so you can bring everything you think is good with your folklore
- Your articles will be exhibited in the village of the Festival and you can sell them to the tourists;
With kind regards

Director of Festival
Gruppo Folk Città di Palagianello
Antonio Coriglione

Antonio Coriglione

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