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Theme Dancilla via Wikipedia
User Blucru
Date 14.12.2008 12:54 Reply
Text Dancilla has 1800 dance videos, most are very short like 3 to 5 minutes... I get to Dancilla via link from Wikipedia... I stumbled on Dancilla by typing in "bulgarian dance" and poof, I lost touch with reality for the next 4 hours (lucky it was a Saturday with not much going on... It'd be great to get a DVD with custom choice to dance to and teach from...

22.01.2009 00:47
Re: Dancilla via Wikipedia [Re: Dancilla via Wikipedia]

I've been using Dancilla for years. They're a great resource from Vienna, Austria, and they have just revamped their site to include social networking. They have tons of stuff from the Bulgaria and they're wonderful. I find it very helpful for practicing the dances when I can't get together with my group, and like you I could get lost for hours with this stuff until my kids bring me back to dreary reality.
Here's another excellent site for Balkan music, they have tons of stuff from Bulgaria:

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