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Theme new - need help...
User dbassart
Date 29.09.2010 13:30 Reply
Text hello everyone,

i'm from dresden/munich and i'm very interested in balkan music just like e.g. this one: http://www.balkanfolk.com/download-item-details.php?type_id=mp3&category_id=28&item_id=166

my questions: could you guys advise me some good radio stations, which play mainly that kind of music. further: are there any pages like this one, where you can find information about any artists and maybe recordings of longer pieces of music for free downloading. i'm also interested in buying some stuff but want have a good overview before doing so ;)

thx a lot in advance
regards, basti

Theme User Date
  new - need help... dbassart 29.09.2010 13:30
       Re: new - need help... amadesha 17.01.2012 07:06
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