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Bulgarian Folk Dances and Songs - BNR Folk Music Orchestra

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26 Dic 2010 - 1 Ene 2011
Flumet - France

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Workshop for SERBIAN and MACEDONIAN dances

The 22nd seminar will be held in “HOTEL PANORAMIC” in FLUMET, 10mn from MEGEVE, nearest railway station: Albertville, nearest airport: GENEVE (after you have a bus to join Megeve). Skiing is possible in Flumet, Praz-sur Arly ,Megeve, or in “Col des SAISIES (place of the olympic games in 1992).

Chorégrapher, musicians :

Dancer of the Serbian state folk ensemble “KOLO” and artistic director of the folk ensemble “OPLENAC” from Topola.
He’ll be accompanied by his accordionist Goran SANDIC and Marko KOJADINOVIC for kaval, flute and saxo.
Programme :

Every morning, traditional dances of different regions of Serbia and Macedonia 3h, and 2h at the end of the afternoon. After dinner, parties with your favourite dances music and singing with Goran and Marko.
This programme may be changed considering the number of participants , or any reasons beyond our control.

Level of danse:
intermediate and advanced.

Organization :
Ivan et Françoise DJOKOVIC

Accomodation :
In Hotel Panoramic Flumet, each room with a bathroom.
For pictures and how to get there see the web-site of the hotel:

Application form and conditions
Application form and conditions

República Checa
3 Ene 2011 - 9 Ene 2011

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International festival-contest "Winter Czech melody" in Prague

Dear friends,

Company Pitagross invites you to take part in an International musical youth and children’s festivals, which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic.

In festivals can participate collectives of different genres: Academic and folk choirs, vocal groups, soloists, choreographic collectives, soloists of folk and modern dance, orchestras and string, wind and folk ensembles, folk groups and others.

During the festival every collective gets an opportunity to present their contest program and to get an international diploma. Festival’s judges are honored figures of the Czech culture, teachers of leading musical and choreographic institutes of Prague.

Don’t be hesitating to ask questions. Our email is pitagross@email.cz

We are looking forward to meeting you!

You can find more information on our web page www.pitagross.cz

Pitagross s.r.o.
29 Ene 2011
Foyer municipal, 1 rue Carnot, 76420 BIHOREL

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Anniversary celebrations of 50 years "La Rond" - Rouen

Anniversary celebrations of 50 years "La Rond" - Rouen, France

Festival Programme

15:00h - 18:00h Dance Show - several groups
18:30h - 19:30h cocktail reception and official
19:30h - 21:00h Lunch Buffet
21:00h - 24:00h Open Stage for musicians and singers Friends

Dance with the band "Yago" in Paris

"Birthday Cake"

Boris Dimitrov
17 Abr 2011 - 24 Ene 2011
Gastronomy, music and dance for Easter in Greece

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Cooking workshop & seminar, in Naxos, Cyclads, Greece

A unique cooking workshop & seminar, in Naxos, Cyclads, Greece
Culinary training (morning & afternoon), traditional dances & music (at night)
From April 17th to 24th, 2 011 * 6 days, 7 nights

Be a Greek « chef », a Greek « Cordon Bleu » !
During the wonderful springtime, when life, flowers & colours really explode in Naxos, the non-profit, cultural, Greek, Nisiotis association warmly suggests a unique and unprecedented workshop & seminar in Naxos, the largest island within the Cyclads : one week to learn & master Greek cooking !
Greek cooking is not only an invitation to travel : Greek cooking is already THE journey, itself !

Do you want to be the king or queen of moussaka ?
Be unrivalled for all Greek pies ?
Surprise all your friends with your « mezedes » & « keftedes » ?
Do you want, in other words, to feel at ease with all Greek recipes, and live your passion for Greece & good food ?
Join us, and be with us in Naxos for this new & exciting seminar !!! This is its presentation (just click) :


During one week, we’ll learn and work with Katerina, a well-know cook in Naxos, who has been writing several books with wonderful recipes of her own !

Naxos is a very rich, fertile island : gold and sunny olive oil, organic fruit and vegetable; wonderful cheese, milk & meet from local goats & sheep ; herbs, spices & seasoning from the mountains. Kazantzakis, who lived & worked in Naxos, wrote that Naxos was “paradise on earth”…
Twice a day, morning & afternnon, we’ll work with Katerina, to learn, prepare, share and taste wonderful dishes.
Every evening, we’ll learn local traditional dances, word-famous “nisiotika”, from Naxos and the Cyclads.
Because Naxos is also very fertile for music, tradition, dance and social life…

You’ll come back from Naxos with the eyes, the nose, the ears, the soul and the hear full of unforgettable flavours !
And back home, you’ll enchant your friends & relatives with your new talents for Greek cooking !!

Of course, we’ll see and discover Naxos, its history, its culture, its tradition.
And we’ll meet and live unique moments with the Naxians, whose hospitality has become legendary.

At the end of the week, which will be the Holy Week, we’ll celebrate Easter, in the Orthodox way : 3 unforgettable days ! Easter is the most important feast in Greece.

A warm, festive, joyful seminar !
Naxos is the island of Dionysos : the island of celebration, of wine, of human and divine feasts, of joy of life…

The seminar is from Sunday, mid-day, to Sunday, mid-day. The price includes everything in Naxos (apart from personal expenses) : double-room (2 beds), breakfast, lunch, diner, cooking-lessons, dance : 700 €

Each person organizes its trip to Athens & Naxos, we all meet in Naxos.
Please do not be late in registering, the number of seats available is limited !

Informations, booking :
Philippos 00 33 6 03 78 28 77
nisosnaxos@gmail.com & www.nisiotis.gr

Presentation of the seminar

philippos dellatolas
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